4 Reasons Why People Are Ditching Car Ownership For Myles


If the question ever floats around on what is the perfect Indian dream, then the answer is ubiquitous: roti, kapda, aur makaan. Over the past few decades, however, the moniker has changed a bit: Gaadi, Bangla, aur shaan. Car ownership therefore has turned into one of the greater necessities of life. Not everyone can own one, however.

What if we say that it is actually possible to own a car without actually owning one? In fact, more than 500 people everyday are ditching car ownership and going for Myles Self-Drive car rental service. Here are 4 reasons why:

1. People are fed up with hefty down-payment, months and months of head scratching EMIs, insurance costs, regular maintenance and servicing costs, security and parking concerns, fuel costs, humongous repair costs if involved in an accident, etc. Add all this to the fact that a car is a depreciating asset, and suddenly the idea of Myles self-drive seems so much more feasible.

2. Statistics don’t lie. According to various studies conducted and the painstaking research undertaken by our experienced and industry leading subject matter experts, an average car in an Indian family is utilized only on 120 days in a year. Simply put, we are paying far more money only to keep our car neatly tucked aside in the parking lot.

3. A typical car driver in India today is a trendsetter who believes in making the most of life. Free-spirited yet strongly ambitious, smartly extravagant, and a self-made person, the modern driver does not want to be inhibited by just a single car in his backyard. Sometimes, he needs a luxury car to suit his stature, other times he needs a family car for a picnic. Sometimes, he wants to just drive a new car every-day.

4. Myles simply blows the car-ownership concept out of water. As India’s premier self-drive car rental solution provider, with 38 models of 1000 cars available across 250 locations in 21 cities, we offer you the perfect alternative to owning a car. With inter and intra-city rentals ranging from Rs.75 to Rs. 1000 per hour, you can derive the best driving experience of your life without all the headaches that accompany you with a car purchase.

Myles promises everything one dreams of in a perfectly tailored car rental model. More than 500 customers book a Myles car every-day. They have found their freedom from car ownership.

Now, it’s your turn.

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