benefits of an electric car

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Benefits of driving an electric car

Cheaper to operate

An apparent difference between electric cars and their petrol and diesel equivalents is their fuel source and the cost associated with it. The price of petrol and diesel heavily depends on the present political situation and dwindling oil supply that is expected to last for not more than 50 years. But, the cost of electricity is quite stable across the country, and economical sources of renewable power like solar power are being actively adopted in India. This makes electric cars the go-to choice when looking for an environment-friendly car.

Requires less maintenance

The fuel used to power up your car is not the only factor in the cost of car ownership. In particular, car maintenance costs can stack up over time. With a conventional gas-powered car, engine maintenance requires huge money, especially as the car gets older. Electric cars have fewer moving parts compared to a conventional gas-powered car. As a result, electric cars need less maintenance, thereby saving you maintenance costs. These cars also benefit from smoother driving styles that lead to less wear and tear of the car brakes and tyres.

Electric cars are safer

Safety is the most important thing when driving. Needless to say that the driver themselves want to ensure their own safety along with the safety of other passengers in the car. For this very reason, all passenger vehicles are required to pass the safety and crash tests, however, electric cars have a few extra features that make them safer to ride. It is not possible for a battery-powered car to explode on impact. Also, because heavy battery packs significantly lower an electric vehicle’s center of mass, the electric car is less likely to roll over. Manufacturers of electric cars ensure supreme built-in safety systems, which is why these cars regularly exceed all safety standards.


As opposed to the gasoline car that produces about 350 gm of carbon dioxide per mile, electric cars don’t produce any tailpipe emissions, which are known to be a serious threat to both humans and the environment.

So Easy to Use

Oftentimes one aspect of owning and operating an electric car that gets overlooked is just how easily these cars can fit into your life. They can be charged at home, at work or at public charging stations, which means you never have to go out of your way to ‘recharge’ these cars. One can simply plug-in after returning home and have a completely charged battery the next day.

No engine noise

Noise pollution is detrimental to human ears, and gasoline-powered cars can be listed among the most significant sources. Electric cars, on the other hand, don’t make any noise and are almost whisper quiet.

So, you think electric cars are worth it?

Even though this technology is still in its budding stage, the advantages of owning electric cars tend to significantly outweigh the disadvantages in most scenarios. If you agree, then don’t forget to take our quick one-minute survey and tell us, would you rent an Electric SUV, if we bring it on board – Click here