Myles Cars Partners with Internapp for Marketing Immersion for Students


Internship and training are essential for every student to get a hang of how the industry works. A fresher has only theoretical knowledge and learns to put this knowledge to practical use only after training and work experience.

Over the past few years, virtual internships have become more and more popular – allowing students to learn everything there is about the industry – all from the comfort of their colleges or homes. What’s even better is that they can now skip out on all of the mindless tasks interns are known for completing around the office.

Finding a Virtual Internship

With the advancement of technology, virtual internships are gaining popularity these days. Firms and organizations that run their businesses on the internet are always willing to train freshers. While it may be fairly easy to stumble upon a virtual internship program, the type of job you wish to intern for will also decide the ease of getting the job.

Myles Cars, along with Internapp, has launched their virtual internship to provide students an intelligent internship experience. Primarily for marketing interns, this 7 week online internship exposes interns to fundamentals, such as Social Media Marketing, Brand Communication, Content Marketing, Marketing Research, Business Development, Search Engine Optimization, Public Relations and B2B Marketing. Students applied in hordes and we have a robust program with more than 50 interns.

Benefits of Virtual Internships

  1. No travelling and commuting woes

As a virtual internship allows the intern to sit at home and gain the training, traffic woes are easily dealt with. Additionally, candidates who suffer any physical disability or other health problems can undertake and complete their internship while staying in the comfort of their homes

  1. Intern from a different country while sitting in your country

Again, location is no more a barrier and candidates have easy access to best training options and organizations from across the globe. Not only does this add credibility to their resumes, it enhances their exposure to different skill sets.

  1. Flexible timing options

Besides freedom of location, virtual internships also offer flexible work timings that allow interns to make the best utilization of the time at hand. So the intern can now schedule the internship in a manner that he does not have to compromise on studies or other activities.

  1. More time to learn the tricks of the trade

While virtual internship allows interns to cut down on travelling time, it leaves them with more time to learn the tricks of trade and gain more experience.

If you or anyone you know, wants to apply for this internship, go ahead and register here: