Myles Cars: One-Stop App for your Car Rental Needs

“An effective Apps Description is your first success milestone.”- Youth Apps

Well, some golden words by Youth Apps. An excellent description and engrossing wordplay can hit hard on the right spot of your customers and potential clients. But I wonder what is much better: the right kind of wordplay or offering the customers a user-friendly app, sorted, making their life easy, fast, and embodied with features they want and need.

On this note, we feel immense pleasure to announce the launch of our new app- Myles. It is the one-stop destination to book both self-drive cars for your tripping and a car subscription to own a vehicle without commitment.

You read that right!

One app, multiple features.

The new app is the one-stop destination for all your car rental services. The app offers a solution to your daily commute. Once you choose your option, you will be directed to our dashboard with a fleet of cars to pick from and get going.

Why does it Help?

We have been rolling into this industry for over two decades, being the first of its kind. Today we have a lot of customers who trust us for their everyday travelling needs. The app increases customer loyalty as the platform offers direct communication with customers at every stage of their purchase of our services. This app is more flexible, raises brand awareness, is easy, practical, promotes growth, and enhances business visibility.

It is an effortless setting to even small details curated for our customers for an excellent app user interface and has elements that enhance the value of our brand.

Key Features

One-Stop Platform

Get all your travel needs to be sorted by downloading just one app. Whether you’re looking for a self-drive for a weekend getaway or a car subscription for daily travel needs and zero commitment ownership, Myles helps with both. So whatever is your requirement, click, and get through your driving needs. Once you choose the preferred service, fill in the details, and you’ll get your fully sanitized vehicle in no time at your doorsteps.

User-Friendly Design

A fast and user-friendly app is what helps to fulfil our needs in no time. After understanding their users’ context and considering several factors, the developers have developed the app with great design, responsiveness, clean, and intuitive user experience. The app is developed to shrink the communication gap between the users and us, the service providers, enhancing customer loyalty.


Select your city, departure, and arrival date or tenure, and you’ll be directed to the dashboard that offers multiple options. Yes, choose the vehicle of your preference from a fleet of cars and get ready for the journey. In a car subscription option, you can always upgrade or change your vehicle after your tenure. You can choose from 38 models in 250+ locations.

Handy Ride Details

There is a very convenient option of Ride History, where you can go through your previous rides and the cost. It also keeps a tab on your bills, offering you a transparent billing system.

Earn while you Drive

Nothing is better than earning a few bucks while you drive through the city comfortably. Avail day-to-day offers on the app toolbar and save yourself some money. There is also an option to refer and earn, share the same using the ‘share’ icon to your friends and family, and when anyone books for a service, you’ll get cashback or coupons for your next ride. Happy Travelling, Happy Savings.

24/7 Roadside Support

Not your regular car rental service, we take care of your safe and secure travel. The app has this roadside support option, where you’ll get a toll free number that helps you in case your car broke or faces any issue while on the road. We care for you!

How to Download?

Download the app and enter into the world of easy car rental service.

Android Users:

Go to Google Play- Type Myles- Install- Choose your service (Self-Drive or Subscribe)- Fill in the necessary details.

or click 

iOS Users:

Go to App Store- Type Myles- Get- Give Confirmation- Choose your service (Self-Drive or Subscribe)- Fill in the necessary details.

or click

It’s done, your car will be home soon!

Launch Offer

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Happy Driving!