Plan Your Trips Smartly and Avoid Extensions

Smart planning is the key to hassle-free travelling that saves you time and money. On one hand, we would love to see our members drive Myles, but on the other hand we discourage extensions.


Your Myles cars are usually pre-booked. Therefore, extensions may cause cancellations and inconvenience for other members.


Extensions attract surcharge over and above the cost for extended hours.


Extensions may cause delays and cancellations as we need time to prepare the cars for the subsequent drives. All cars are washed, cleaned and vacuumed  after each trip. After all, your Myles should look like new each time you drive.

We recommend you plan smartly and travel hassle-free. If you’re uncertain, do let us know well in advance. Rest assured, our members enjoy our complete support and cooperation.

To book a self drive rental car visit: