Monsoon season has already set its existence in many parts of the country. The cloudy sky, the sweet smell of the wet soil and the music of raindrops bring a feeling of excitement in a person’s mind. The atmosphere is filled with an air of exotic appeal. Travelling in this season requires a lot of prior planning regarding the time, place and frame of mind. Monsoon holidays are filled with enjoyment with the splashes of water. But, little care and protection is always important.

The season brings you relief. But at the same time, it also brings a variety of constraints. Let us find out some of the travel tips which will make your travel wonderful. First things first; ask yourself if you really love the rains. It’s great to enjoy the rains while sipping on a hot chai at home, but travelling in the rains is an entirely different ball game. If you’re the type of person who struggles to crack a smile at the sight of rainfall or wants to run back to the hotel whenever two drops of water land on your head, maybe you should read these following suggestions.

Always Put Safety First

Heading to the hills? It can be a treacherous affair in the rains, with slippery roads and the possibility of landslides. Don’t try to hush and rush through your way to your destination. Take your time and plenty of breaks in between. The last thing you want to do is end up going off the deep end!

If you’re planning to hit the beach, remember that swimming in the sea might be dangerous during the monsoons in some areas.  Certain beaches might be off-limits during the rainy season, so make sure to do your research before planning your trip. But this shouldn’t be a reason enough to stay away! Monsoons are when the tropics flourish. Everything is green and clean and a million shades of emerald. Certainly a feast for the eyes!

For the road trip lovers!

For those who love road trips, there’s no better feeling than driving with your windows down, the breeze hitting your face and the delightful sight of dark clouds through your windscreen. But there’s also no worse feeling than being caught in such a torrential downpour that it forces you to land in a muddy ditch on the side of the road.

The joys of the rain are unfortunately also accompanied by the hazards. So, always pull over when the going gets rough. Wherever you decide to go, make sure that you stick to major highways and roads. In case you need assistance along the way, the chances of getting it will be much higher on a frequented route than on a desolate one.

Be Prepared for Occasional Delays

Flying during monsoons is not advisable for those who have queasy stomachs. We would rather suggest you to plan a self-drive trip around places.  As lovely as it is to look out of a car’s window and see a bright ray of light passing through the green lush; delays. Driving during the rainy season might not sound like a piece of cake as the roads are greasy and the traffic gets furious, but you can always enjoy the surroundings and also rejoice the beautiful nature if you carry your humor along.

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