Bag Pack before travelling

Tips for Smarter and Lighter Travel Packing

Travel packing is one task that scares most travelers. Whether you are headed on a foreign trip, adventure outing or road trip, packing essentials is something you just can’t avoid. Packing your stuff the right way becomes all the more important if you are someone who likes to carry their home in a bag (pun intended). Did that just feel relatable to you? Then, you must check out these hacks to pack before you head on your next journey.

Travel Packing


Having a list of must carry items handy is going to save you loads of time. So, first things first, sit down with a pen and paper or use your smartphone, and start preparing the list of the things you need for the trip. Then, arrange them in the order of utilization to pack efficiently. Having such a checklist ensures that all the essentials are covered and you don’t miss out on anything important. By laying out all the to-carry articles and then carefully sorting out things that you seldom utilize, it will be easier for you to discard the unnecessary items. The trick is to pick light and to the point.


Once you have sorted your travel packing list, it’s time to pick the right bag. When you are travelling, every inch of space in your bag counts. So, choose wisely. You can select from a variety of bags like a suitcase, duffle bag, hiking or trekking bag, etc. depending on the no. of days and destination you are heading to. Rolling your clothes makes your items take the least space and thus, create more space for you to carry other important stuff. However, if you plan to travel via self-driven cars like the ones offered by Myles, then you can afford to skip this step and carry a lot more stuff than you normally would. But still, it is always wise to lighten your luggage, as they say, less is more!
You must secure your valuables like jewelry, cameras or other expensive items so that there is a minimum risk of the same being damaged or stolen. Thus, you must carry a dedicated safe bag that has a secure locking system and is durable to withstand shocks. While you might avail travel insurance as well, it is better to prepare in advance.
Don’t Pack Things for ‘Just In Case’

Last but not the least, talk yourself out of the ‘just in case’ packing scenarios. This will not only help you pack light but also leave some space for souvenirs that you might buy during your travels.
So, that pretty much sums up the basics of light and smart packing. However, this list would be incomplete without the mention of one extra PRO tip for nailing smart travel packing. And, that is, carry an extra duffle that is foldable and can fit perfectly in your bag, so you can have an extra bag on your way back home to carry the stuff you shopped.