Top 5 Picturesque Cafes to Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Delhi

Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate love and show appreciation for your significant other with thoughtful gestures. If your partner is a food lover or simply enjoys the freedom of the open road and cafes, consider surprising them with a date at a beautiful café on Delhi streets. From charming interiors to delicious cuisines, here are the top-notch cafes in Delhi that promise a magical Valentine’s Day experience, don’t miss the last one!

1. Rose Café, Saket

Found in the heart of Saket, Rose Cafe symbolizes old-world charm and romance. The café is adorned with vintage décor, fairy lights, and blooming roses, creating a cozy and intimate atmosphere. Indulge in a delightful selection of teas, coffees, and mouthwatering desserts as you enjoy the company of your loved one in this enchanting setting. Don’t miss their signature rose-flavored treats, perfect for a Valentine’s Day celebration.

2. Diggin, Khan Market

Diggin is set up in the bustling lanes of Khan Market. It is a hidden gem that transports you to a whimsical garden paradise. The café is adorned with lush greenery, rustic wooden furniture, and fairy-tale-inspired décor, making it an idol setting for a romantic date. Treat your taste buds to Italian delicacies, freshly baked bread, and decadent desserts while soaking in the charming ambiance with your loved one by your side.

3. Amalfi, Greater Kailash

Amalfi is a rooftop café at the building. The venue adds a touch of romance to any date with its majestic charm, captivating Latin melodies, and Italian cuisine. Signature dishes like Spaghetti, Pizza Basilico, and refreshing mocktails are a must to try at Amalfi. It’s a haven for those seeking an intimate and enchanting evening.

4. Elma’s Bakery, Hauz Khas Village

Resting in the old streets of Hauz Khas Village, Elma’s Bakery is a haven for lovers of vintage charm and mouth-watering treats. Step into this cozy café adorned with floral wallpaper, antique furniture, and dainty teacups for a romantic Valentine’s Day experience. Grab their signature cakes, pastries, and English-style breakfast delights as you enter in the warm and inviting ambiance with your partner.

5. Sky High, Khel Gaon Marg

Sky High is the popular exquisite rooftop seating, which ranks among the finest date spots in the city. This laid-back restaurant and bar has several surprises in store to elevate your experience. With a diverse menu featuring dishes from around the world and a carefully curated assortment of alcoholic beverages, there’s something to please every palate. The delicate ambiance, complemented by attentive service, soulful live entertainment, delicious cuisine, and a wide selection of drinks, creates an atmosphere that’s perfect for lifting your spirits. Be sure to sample their Peri-Peri Pizza and Dal Makhani. It’s the ideal setting for a romantic candlelit dinner in Delhi.


Delhi is home to a range of beautiful cafes that offer the perfect setting for a romantic Valentine’s Day celebration. Now, get ready to explore these majestic spots this Valentine’s Week in your self-drive car from Myles Car. Hire Self Drive Car on Rent in Delhi for Your Valentine Day and a table at your favorite café beforehand and spend a week full of love with your Valentine.