To Travel Is To Live But First Let’s Live – Janta Curfew On March 22 In India

In an attempt to prevent the spread of CoVID-19, which has so far infected over 190 people in India, PM Modi has requested all the citizens to be responsible and observe the Janata Curfew (or Modi curfew as some are calling it) on March 22 from 7 am till 9 pm.

What is Janta Curfew?

Janta Curfew is curfew for the people and by the people to minimize the chances of the spread of the Coronavirus. 

What should you abide by during the Janta Curfew?

As a citizen of India, you must act responsibly during the curfew. Avoid going out and stay at home for 14 hours in the wake of Coronavirus outbreak, on March 22, from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Who will not be a part of the Janta Curfew?

People who are a part of essential services viz., medical services, media, police, home delivery, firemen, etc.


PM Modi Address to Nation 

“If possible, please call at least 10 people every day and tell them about the ‘Janta Curfew’ as well as the measures to prevent it,” said PM Narendra Modi on 19th March 2020.

Given the ongoing CoVID-19 situation, we request everyone to support this initiative. Here’s how Myles is doing its bit to ensure that people who travel with us are always safe.

 ✔ Hand sanitizers are now available in our cars to minimize the chances of the spread of the Coronavirus. Please use them generously

✔ Our delivery expert and business partners have been advised to make sure the cars are fully cleansed at the time of return


By following the right practices, we are certain that we would be able to offer you a safe travel experience. In the meantime, we would also advise you to follow these safety guidelines issued by the WHO (World Health Organization):

✔ Wash your hands more often

✔ Avoid crowded places or public transport where you might interact with people who are sick

✔ Avoid touching your face as much possible

✔ Maintain respiratory hygiene. Use a mask

✔ Avoid handshake

✔ Seek early medical care in case of any symptoms of the flu or if you come in contact with an infected person.


Read more about the best practices to protect yourself against the Coronavirus, by WHO here

Stay Safe!

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