10 Best Monsoon Destination in India to Explore on Wheels

Disclaimer: Though the lockdown bans are lifted, there are states with various tourist restrictions. Please read them before travelling. Also, follow COVID-19 precautionary guidelines- wear the mask, wash hands or sanitize, and maintain social distancing. *

Rainy days are meant to be spent out with kulhad chai, old Bollywood songs and a long drive. This calls for a refreshing getaway to the most scenic and tranquil destination in India via road. Road Trips and Monsoon share an everlasting relationship that offers an enigmatic experience.

Witness the beauty of India differently that offers heavenly pleasure, relaxation and ecstasy. Enjoy the magical spell of monsoon and have a rejuvenation during vacation during monsoon.

Here we are listing the ten best monsoon destinations in India to explore on wheels.

  1. Malshej

Malshej is a blissful ghat in Maharashtra and glows like emerald during monsoon. It is dotted with magnificent forts and cascading waterfalls. The lush green forest’s moist air and earthy aroma infuse a sense of calmness in the body, mind, and soul. Malshej is 130 km away from Mumbai and 120 km from Pune. Get a car rental in Mumbai and Pune and drive to this beautiful place this monsoon.

Malshej in Monsoon: Everything is scenic and surreal in Malshej during Monsoon. The stunning view of the valley from Harishchandragad Fort and Ajoba Hill Fort will leave you amazed. Also, bird watching at Pimpalhgaon Joga Dam is worth every moment.

  1. Goa

Goa is one popular destination among tourists across the globe. The place is known for its beaches, moon parties, nightlife, cafes, and mesmerising sunsets. Get your wheels on the road for the smoothest rides in the country. During your road trip, you will witness some of the breathtaking sights like Dudhsagar.

Goa in Monsoon: Goa is India’s beach paradise, a place that attracts thousands of tourists from around the globe. If you’re visiting Goa during Monsoon, don’t forget to witness the majestic Dudhsagar Waterfalls, go for a river cruise, take long walks on the beach, drive up the ghats, and more. Also, enjoy yummy seafood by the beach.

  1. Pondicherry

With the magnificent blend of French and Indian culture, Pondicherry offers one of the most beautiful rides through the East Coast from Chennai. Pondicherry is the perfect monsoon escapade from your strenuous city life. Get a self-drive car in Chennai and travel here to enjoy the tranquillity and exotic delicacies of French, Italian and South Indian cuisine.

Pondicherry in Monsoon: Monsoon seems to be a colourful affair in Pondicherry. The lush green flora and exotic flowers enhance the beauty of the city. Apart from enjoying at the beach, cafes and exploring the French Colony, when in Pondicherry during monsoon visit Pondicherry Museum, old Lighthouse, Tasmai- a centre for Art & Culture, and more.

  1. Udaipur

Drive yourself to the City of Lakes; Udaipur is an ideal destination to enjoy during the monsoon. The city that boasts the regal past of India is embellished with greenery, tranquillity, traditional Havelis, heritage hotels, and magnificent forts. The city offered a romantic setting and intrigued the travellers with its charm.

Udaipur in Monsoon: During the monsoon, Udaipur offers pleasant weather. In monsoon, visit places like Monsoon Palace, Lake Pichola, City Palace, Bagore ki Haveli, and Raas Leela. Don’t forget to savour the delicious Rajasthani delicacies like Mirch Pakkoda, Gatte ki Sabji, Dal Bati Churma, etc., to name a few.

     5. Kutch

The vast expanse of dried mud and blinding-white salt seems like a white bedspread that glows like the moon at night. The Great Rann of Kutch or Kachchh is famous for its white deserts, beautiful virgin sea beaches, Kutch Utsav, and known as one of the five largest Harappan sites and one of the most prominent archaeological sites of the Indus Valley Civilization. During the monsoon, the clouds over the Dhinodhar Valley form an alluring sight to behold.

Kutch in Monsoon: Sightseeing in Kutch is not just limited to desert and salt- monsoon season enhances this place’s beauty. During the monsoon, the best thing to do in Kutch is Camping and Sightseeing.

     6. Coorg

Coorg is another paradisal land that is ideal for monsoon escapades into the pristine lap of nature. Regions of the Western Ghats in India are famous for the rainy season galore. Coorg is one of Wester Ghats gems that depicts a different story in monsoon. Coorg is known as the Scotland of India, and when it’s pouring, nothing seems better than a dripping ride to this picturesque place.

Coorg in Monsoon: Nothing is better than driving from Bangalore to Coorg during the monsoon and witnessing the glorious nature decorated with pearl-like raindrops. You can visit Dubare to meet elephants, soak in the serenity of Abbey Falls, explore the coffee plantation, catch breathtaking views from Raja’s Seat, and enjoy delicious food like Kadambattu, Bamboo Shoot Curry, Koli Curry, Akki Roti, etc.

     7. Orchha

For the love of heritage and architecture, Orchha is a land of magnificent forts, ornate temples, and historical places. Witness the beauty of Raja Mahal, Rani Mahal, Jahangir Mahal, and more, and they look more picturesque during the monsoon. You can hire a self-drive car rental in Delhi and have a fantastic monsoon road trip to this quaint town of Orchha in Madhya Pradesh.

Orchha in Monsoon: The rainy season makes this place look heavenly. The town offers pleasant weather to explore and enjoy delicious delicacies like Palak Puri, Bhutte ka Kees, Malpua, Mawa Baati, Dal Bafla, and more. Refreshen yourself with a memorable road trip during the monsoon to Orchha.


Tirupati on the Eastern Ghats is one of the globe’s most prominent pilgrimage destinations. Travel to Nallamala, a dense reserve forest that looks surreal during the rainy season. The greenery during the monsoon offers a stunning view throughout your road trip. Enjoy the scenic sight of the hilly terrain and have a thrilling time.

Tirupati in Monsoon: Book a self-drive car in Hyderabad and have a great road trip to Tirupati. The region receives heavy rainfall for an enjoyable monsoon and tasty food.

     9. Manali

With adventure beckoning from every direction and tranquillity in every sight, Manali is a hotspot for tourists throughout the year. Manali is famous for its mountain adventures like trekking, camping, climbing, skiing, and rafting. But less we know that this hill town is also renowned for the monsoon escapade. There is nothing much to do in Manali during the rainy season but witnessing nature at its best is above everything. Change your work from the home background and have an ideal road trip to Manali for a relaxing staycation experience.

Manali in Monsoon: A road trip to Manali in the monsoon will be an experience you always cherish. When in Manali during the rainy season, enjoy Yoga, meditation, picnic at Rahala Falls, explore museums to know more about Himachali culture, explore the region around Jogini Falls, and have comforting meals at home cafes.

     10. Leh

Extend your trip from Manali and drive yourself to Leh. It sounds exceptionally adventurous, but you’ll have moments of your life. The rugged terrains, snow-capped Himalayas, majestic meadows and brimming rivers will leave you amazed. June to October is the best time to visit Leh, and the monsoon road trip can be your excuse to explore the wilderness.

Leh in Monsoon: The journey in itself is so filling and content. Book your self-drive car from a reliable agency from Delhi and have the best monsoon road trip from Delhi-Manali-Leh.

Travelling is a filling experience. It will rejuvenate your body, mind, and soul completely. Road trips add to your experience and offer your expanded opportunity to explore, have fun and adventure, stay in the moment and make unforgettable memories.

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