10 Funny Memes On Travel – Giggles Are Assured

While it is not always possible to travel on a whim, it is good to have alternatives.

Probably that is why Milton Berle said, “Laughter is an instant vacation.”

Here are 10 hilarious travel memes that will definitely tickle your funny bone and might seem relatable too.

Packing for a short vacation

I’ll probably change 3x times a day, so probably 22 outfits would work

Funny memes 2019


Early morning travel got me like

Funny memes 2019


That happy feeling, when you book cheap flights


When everybody is getting married, all you want to do is travel

Funny memes 2019


The joy of getting your leaves approved for traveling

Funny memes 2019


When work calls after a vacation

Funny memes 2019


You think travel is boring, try routine. It’s lethal

Funny memes 2019


Calories don’t count on Vacation

Funny memes 2019


Leaving Work A Day Before Vacation


If only traveling were this easy


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