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7 Places to Visit in Jaipur – The Pink City of India

Built in the 18th century by Sawai Jai Singh, Jaipur is the largest city in the Indian state of Rajasthan. It is a popular tourist attraction amongst Indian as well as international visitors. Jaipur is one of the travel destinations that comprise the Golden Triangle – Delhi, Jaipur and Agra. There are many places to visit in Jaipur namely the City Palace, Vidhan Sabha, Govind Dev Ji Temple, Birla Temple, Rajputana forts and many more.

Jaipur is often called the Pink City, because of its distinctly pink-colored buildings. Jaipur is the city where every place speaks about its royal historical past. If you haven’t visited this beautiful city to date, then it should definitely be on your bucket list, this year. Given the fact that most trips to Jaipur are around 2-3 days long (mainly when you are traveling via self-drive cars or cabs), we’ve narrowed down the 10 incredible things to do in Jaipur.

Here is the list:


Explore the Hawa Mahal

Book Car Rental - Jaipur Pink City of India

Hawa Mahal is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city. It was built for women, in ancient times, to watch parades on the main street, without having to appear in public. The architecture of this building is very impressive. To enjoy the best view of the building from afar, you can visit the Wind View Cafe that offers an incredible view of this stunning building. It is a great spot for photo enthusiasts to capture good shots.

Visit the Nahagarh Fort

Book Car Rental - Jaipur Pink City of India

To enjoy enchanting sunsets in the city, there is no better place to be in Jaipur than Nahagarh Fort. It houses the perfect vantage point that offers amazing sunset views. While you enjoy the sunset, you can take drink tea, coffee, or soft drink and make the moment a pleasant one.


Royal Experience at the Amber Fort

Book Car Rental - Jaipur Pink City of India

Also known as the Amber Palace, the Amber fort is perched atop a hill in Amer, Rajasthan. Merely 11 km from the city of Jaipur, the fort is a well-known tourist attraction for visitors coming to Rajasthan. Nearby the fort is the beautiful Maota Lake. The fort’s appearance is majestic and it presents a fascinating amalgamation of Hindu, and Muslim architecture. The palace was built using red sandstone & white marble, and within its complex are attractive apartments. It was once used as the residential complex by the Rajput Maharajas.

Savor Best Lassis at Lassiwala

Book Car Rental - Jaipur Pink City of India

One thing you must not miss out when in Jaipur is to try the famous lassi at Lassiwala in Jaipur. This little shop is located on M1 Road and it has been in business for over 80 years. You can try lassi in three flavors – sweet, salty or plain. Make sure you stop by here on your way to Hawa Mahal!

Marvel at the architectural beauty of Panna Meena Ka Kund

Book Car Rental - Jaipur Pink City of India

Not a very popular but a beautiful place to visit when in Jaipur is Panna Meena Ka Kund.  This Kund has unique architecture and styling. As soon as you see it, you will be completely mesmerized by the symmetry of the stairwells. It is located near Anokhi Museum on the Jaipur-Amer road. In ancient times this place was mainly utilized for social meetings. Presently, people from nearby places come here for getting water, swimming and hanging out with their loved ones. This place can be reached in just a few minutes from Amber Fort if you are driving in self drive cars.

Visit the beautiful City Palace

Book Car Rental - Jaipur Pink City of India

One of the most notable places in the city of Jaipur is the City Palace. It is located in the heart of the Pink City Jaipur.  You can only visit a portion of the palace since the present Maharaja of Jaipur still resides in the palace. The palace houses – Chandra Mahal, Mubarak Mahal, many courtyards and other buildings. It was built between 1729 -1732 AD, by Sawai Jai Singh II, who ruled in Amer and planned to build the outer walls of the palace. It was only the later rulers, who added to the architecture of this palace. The architectural styles of this place are a fusion of Mughal, Rajput and European styles.

Get ready to be enchanted by Jal Mahal – The lake palace

Book Car Rental - Jaipur Pink City of India

Jal Mahal – The lake palace is probably one of the most unique places to visit in Jaipur. There couldn’t have been a better place in the whole of Jaipur to build a palace than where it is.  It appears to float in the center of the popular Sagar Lake. The light beige color of the stone walls of the Jal Mahal in Jaipur projects a stark contrast to the deep blue of the waters of the lake surrounding it. Although you cannot go inside as it is closed off to visitors, you can still marvel at it from a distance and capture its uniqueness in a picture or two.

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