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10 Types of Interesting People on Road Trips – Myles Self Driving Cars

Going on a road trip with your buddies is the best thing ever. It’s fun, adventurous and fully rejuvenating. The journey becomes even more special when you travel with your pals in self driving cars. Here is a list of 10 types of people on road trips you generally find.

1. The Overpacker

There is always one person in the group who always overpacks for road trips in self driving cars. This is the kind of person who carries a mini home along because hello ‘you never know what you might need’! Their suitcase or travel bag is way larger than it is required.

2. The Sleeping Beauty

Some people just can’t resist sleeping when traveling. It’s like the moment they start the journey, they start feeling sleepy. You know who this person is in your group. The sleeping beauty, who naps for the longest time and when you reach the destination says ‘the journey was very tiring’. And, all you as a driver of the self driving cars can do is stare at him/her.

3. The Car Dancer

Some people are so high on enthusiasm on road trips that they forget they are in a self driving car and not a bar. As soon as the journey starts, all they want is the music to start. Such hyperactive friends are too draining sometimes but you love them and don’t feel like dampening their spirits. Often times, it’s these people who liven up the journey, when everyone else is just tired of sitting for too long.

4. The Snacker

While there is hardly anybody who hates food, some hog on it, especially during road trips in self driving cars. They carry snacks and drinks, which they generally finish in the first few hours of the journey and then they want to stop at almost every other dhaba or tea stall that falls on the way to the final destination. Food is life after all!

5. The Photographer

This one, we all love and need. Because, while others are engaged in some kind of activities during the road trip in self driving cars, this is the person who will capture the candid shots that you will, later on, share on your social media, claiming to have clicked those amazing pictures. And, the same photographer friend saying in the comments ‘we all know who actually clicked all these amazing shots you have shared on your page’, Duh!! 😛

6. The One With An Overactive Bladder

‘Guys stop the car, I have to pee’! This is one statement that irritating as hell to hear every now and then during a road trip in self driving cars. If this happens to be a guy, the bladder emptying process is still quick; however if it’s a woman, then damn, you are in for a long halt every few hours.

7. The Human Navigator

This type of person generally sits in the front seat of the self driving cars. They trust their memory on directions more than the Google maps. They will keep telling you things like ‘not right, we should have taken a left’ or ‘you should have listened to me, and taken a right’!

8. The Restless Soul

This is the kind of person who can’t sit in one place for too long. Are you this one? Well, if seat hopping is your way to beat the restlessness you feel when on a journey in self driving cars, then yes, you are this one.

9. The Non-stop Talker

And another irritating one! This friend will make you want to rip your ears apart because they just won’t stop talking. And, when you stop responding to their talks, they will shamelessly ask you ‘Are you listening?’ and you be like ‘yeah, yeah, yeah’, until one frank soul yells at him/her ‘stop talking, or else we will throw you out’!

10. The Rash Driver

The sense of freedom this soul feels during the journey in self driving cars is inexplicable. Road bumps just fail to stop this friend. Such people enjoy scaring others with their driving and seek pleasure in it. It’s only when they stop that you feel a sigh of relief.

Relatable right?

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