5 hidden places in Goa that are waiting to be explored

We bet you have the same itinerary every time you visit Goa. How about exploring some hidden places that are quite underrated and are still waiting to be explored? Goa’s lively party scene makes it unlikely for a traveller to visit some untouched and pristine places in this coastal state that are definitely worth a visit. So the next time you plan a trip to the state, do have all these places listed on your itinerary.

Carambolim Lake


Located in the north of Goa, the marshy lake named Carambolim supports irrigated paddy fields and is beautiful beyond one’s imagination. If you’re a bird watcher or a nature lover, you’ll love the place for providing you a respite from the mainstream beaches and over-crowed pubs. If you’re lucky, you might spot migratory species of jacanasmoorhens and kingfishers here.

Butterfly Conservatory


Butterfly conservatory is one of the most exciting places to visit in the state of Goa. The park that was established to conserve Goa’s native butterfly species is currently houses more than 133 species of rare butterflies. Visitors can spot over 25 species of butterflies on a typical day. Isn’t it amazing to walk through a lush green forest while watching colourful butterflies flutter past you! Not to mention, it’s a must visit for avid travellers and photographers.

Chorla Ghat

Chorla Ghat

Goa boasts of a number of natural treasures that have remained hidden from visitors for many years. Chorla Ghat, situated on the borders of Goa, Karnataka and Maharashtra, is famous for gorgeous waterfalls and biodiversity. Its breathtaking beauty is accentuated during the monsoons as the clouds cover the ghat. If you happen to visit Chorla Ghat, don’t forget to enjoy the beauty of Vazira Shakira Fall, which is the most alluring waterfall in the region.

Harvalem Falls


Located near Mapusa in North Goa, Harvalem Falls offers a splendid view of the nature. If you’re travelling with a group of friends, you can enjoy a fun-filled picnic at the spot. The waterfall has a fascinating history as the Rajput mercenaries settled at this place during the British era. Apart from the waterfall, you can also visit beautiful parks that are located in close proximity and explore Arvalem rock cut caves that are known to be carved by Buddhist monks.

Pequeno (Bat) Island

Bat Island

Goa’s Pequeno Island or the Bat Island is an amazing place for those who constantly seek adventure while travelling. The island is known for its small rocky beach and is a haven for eager snorkelers. As it’s surrounded by coral reef, snorkelers experience pure bliss as they come across the magnificent sea creatures and plants. You can also spot parrot fish, sea cucumbers etc. in the beautiful waters around the surrounding the island.

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