4 treks in Ladakh that will give you a massive rush of Adrenaline

4 treks in Ladakh that will give you a massive rush of Adrenaline

If you have a penchant for beautiful mountains, Ladakh is definitely the place for you. While its freezing temperatures, high altitude and rough weather often deter people from visiting Ladakh, but the frequent bursts of purple flowers and piercing blue lakes will definitely leave your dumbfounded. If you’re looking to get an adrenaline rush, do try the following treks to have an unforgettable experience.

Lamayuru to Chilling
The Lamayuru to Chilling Trek usually takes 5-6 days and starts from the Lamayuru monastery in Leh. The trek that takes you to the Zanskar Valley and gives you an amazing experience as the route goes through beautiful monasteries, villages, enchanting mountain passes and meadows. As you pass through Kanski La, you’ll find a lot of shepherds who make pure butter and various varieties of cheese. Chilling village is a blissful place that was founded by Nepalese copper craftsmen and is known for its beautiful copper handicrafts.

Markha Valley
This one is also known as the Tea House Trek due to a large number of tea house pit stops along the route. The Markha Valley trek is considered one among Ladakh’s most popular expeditions. The trek takes you through a number of Buddhist monasteries and beautiful mountain villages that offer an amazing view of the Zanskar range. Kongmaru La Pass (5,265m), the highest point of the trek, connects Markha Valley to the Indus Valley. Hemis National Park, that falls on the way is another pit-stop. From here you will pass through a route that is famous for snow leopard sightings.

Spituk to Matho
This one starts from Spituk in Leh and ends at Matho. Spanning over a period of five days, the trek is ideal for first timers and amateur mountaineers. The route starts with a splendid walk along the Indus river and enters the gorge that leads to Zingchen. Then comes the Hemis National Park that is home to the Eurasian brown bear, the Bharal and many other animals.

Stok Kangri
If you’re new to mountaineering, the Stok Kangri trek will definitely give you goosebumps. For beginners, it’s advisable to trek up to the base camp of Stok Kangri. However, if you’re a little experienced you can make it to the summit. If you’re planning for a summit, it’s important to note that the climb can be attempted without any equipment. However, the trek challenges the climbers with steep ridges and cold glaciers, but the amazing view of the Indus Valley is definitely worth the effort.

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