Tips to Drive Safe

5 Safety Tips to Follow When You Are Driving

When you are driving, safety should be your utmost priority and you must never compromise on it. Especially, when we know that driving is one of the most risky activities thousands of people participate in almost every day. The risk on the road is immense and thus, it is your responsibility as a driver to keep yourself and the fellow passengers safe. Here are few tips to follow when you are the one behind the steering, be it in your own car or a self-driven car.

Tips to Drive Safe


Let’s start with the most basic and important tip first. Being attentive and fully concentrated on the road ahead is a must when driving. It is crucial to be attentive of your surroundings. Therefore, you should try to avoid any distractions like mobile phones, etc. Because multi-tasking might be an applaudable skill, but it is better to avoid it during the course of driving.


Driving fast is not only illegal but extremely dangerous as well. Over speeding multiplies the risks of accidents and is the most common cause of the same. It slows your reaction time and hampers your judgment. Driving within speed limits ensures that you are on the safe side of travel and makes it possible for you to successfully react to any challenging situations on the road.


There are laws that define driving and one must ensure that you abide by the same. Wearing the seat belt, following speed limits, driving a road legal vehicle, etc are the basic laws that define how to drive within any particular constituency. Wrong-side driving is a habit that one must adopt at all costs. Not only will it land you into legal hassles but also make it impossible for you to avoid collisions.


Road discipline is essential to enjoy safe travels. Proper road etiquettes ensures that you carve your way effortlessly through traffic and reach your destination on time without having to over speed.
Following are the road manners to abide by –

  • Leave early for the destination to be on time
  • Always check your vehicle before the journey
  • Avoid aggressive driving and always be patient
  • Stay in your lane and never overtake at risk
  • Always use turn signals and respect the traffic lights


Sudden directional changes and stops that are hard to predict for other drivers, generally lead to accidents. You must let the other drivers fully understand and comprehend your possible actions, to react in the right manner. Make others safe while ensuring your own safety!

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