6 Reasons Why Your Road Trips Get Cancelled

All road trips begin with a vision…which one of your friends has. You meet up with your gang and random destinations are thrown around. Next day, a Whatsapp group springs to life and everything takes a serious turn. The car you guys will rent is decided as well. ‘It’s finally happening!’ you keep thinking to yourself. ‘The whole bunch together on the road…amazing!’

And there end 99% of all trips. That is perhaps the saddest reality of life. The next thing you do is look for reasons, and it’s always a slight variation of ‘a friend can’t make it because of something, so we all decided to chuck it!’. Here’s how it’s better phrased:

1. ‘Bhai ditched us at the last moment!’
There’s always that one friend who acts the most eager when plans are made and vanishes on the D-day! Sigh!

When your friend ditches you at the last moment!

2. ‘His ex-girlfriend is back in town and wants to meet up with him!’
And your friend said yes to her? How dare he!

When your friend cancels the road trip because he has to meet his ex!

3. ‘His dog is very very sick! He’ll have to drop out!’
That is sad indeed. But wait…does he even have a dog?

When you find it hard to believe that your friend's dog is ill!

4. ‘Damn! We’re all broke!’
Oops! Your friends’ savings slipped away while they were still figuring out how to say no to weekend parties.

When you realize you don't have enough money for the trip!

5. ‘His parents are in town this weekend, want a bit of sightseeing, and won’t take no for an answer!’
Great! So someone’s folks decided to drop in town on the exact weekend you planned your trip! Don’t blame your friend for being sanskaari though!

When the trip gets cancelled because your parents are coming for the weekend!

6. ‘We can’t afford the security deposit!’
Now that’s not surprising, is it? Either you don’t have sufficient credit card limit to pay the deposit, or the amount is beyond what you can afford. No one wants the hassle of waiting for the refund for days on end too.

When you can't rent a car because the security deposit is too much!

Well, not much can be done about reasons 1 to 5. Perhaps you need a better set of friends (we’re kidding!). But security deposits? We don’t like that one bit!

Which is why we have introduced our No Security Deposit with Loss Damage Waiver policy. Now, ditch the deposit and choose LDW starting at ₹100/day only! One reason to strike off this list! What’s more, our age limit is down to 21 years while the speed limit has shot up to 120 kmph!

When you realize that you don't have to pay security deposit ever!

Happy tripping then, fellas!