Unveiling the No Security Deposit policy

We know that, to you, driving is more than just a simple exercise. For some of you, it is a dream. For others, it is a passion. For everyone, it is the ultimate escape.

At Myles, we always strive to push the boundaries and break the barriers to deliver you the travel experience you desire. It was only when we decided to join conversations around us that we came to realise that there was an unequivocal appreciation for our groundbreaking service.

You say that our fleet is the most well-maintained one in the industry. 
At the end of the day, driving is all about the experience. And it all begins with a clean and well-oiled car at your disposal.

You find our network of 21 cities, the largest in India, very convenient.
Believe us; the network will only keep growing at a rapid pace. That you get to drive the car you want when you want and where you want is our primary aim.

You believe that our Unlimited Kilometres for driving is a great initiative. 
We don’t believe in inhibiting your journeys by charging you for any extra kilometres you drive.

Therefore, going by our belief that the very essence of travel is freedom, we want to make your drive even better. Till now, we had a policy of mandatory security deposits, an age limit of 23 years and a maximum speed limit of 100 kmph. Not anymore!

Friends, this is where the buck stops! If there ever was a time for a change, it is now, and you are at the forefront of it.

Introducing No Security Deposit with Loss Damage Waiver.

Now, you have the power to decide either to
1. pay a refundable security deposit,
2. purchase the Loss Damage Waiver on your rental, starting at ₹100/day.

Also, unlike other car rentals, you don’t have to be a member of an exclusive club or make a certain number of bookings before you can avail the zero deposit policy. We don’t discriminate. It’s open for all.

What’s more, we have revised the age limit to 21 years, and the speed limit to 120 kmph. Sounds good?

Today is the day you break free! Let’s nachoo!