9 Questions to Ask About Car Subscription

Car Subscription is the new and trending way of owning a car that comes with flexible ownership, zero commitment, and no down payments. It gives easy access to your dream car, which you can get in just a few steps. The monthly subscription gives you complete access to the vehicle and covers maintenance charges, insurance fees, and roadside assistance. Car Subscription is more affordable, convenient and hassle-free.

Let’s be honest, no matter how convincing car subscription features are, you have still your doubts and questions.

So, if you’re thinking about getting a car on subscription, there are frequently asked questions we would love to answer for your core satisfaction.

  1. How Does Car Subscription Work?

Car Subscription is an easy plan that gives the customer complete access to a vehicle in return for monthly payments. Depending on the car model and tenure, the subscriber pays a monthly fee and drives the car anytime. The monthly fee also covers the cost of insurance, maintenance, and take care of roadside assistance when required. A customer doesn’t need to pay down payment, EMIs with heavy interests, and can change their vehicle or return whenever they want in a car subscription.

Go to a car subscription company’s website or app- Register, select your car and tenure, get your documents approved, and bring your dream car home.

  1. Is a Car Subscription different from Leasing?

The concept of a car subscription and car leasing sounds similar. Where car leasing is in the market for years, you might have heard of a subscription a lot lately. People debate a lot on how a car subscription is different from car leasing. You don’t own a vehicle in both car subscription and leasing, but you’ll get complete access to it until the tenure ends.

Car subscription is a flexible ownership program where you have to pay a monthly fee for the vehicle’s access, including maintenance, insurance, and roadside assistance. Here you can upgrade, change, return or buy back the car giving notice of few days. They offer car rental starting from 6 months to 60 months, even for a weekend, few weeks, or a month. It is better convenient, inexpensive, and flexible.

Car leasing doesn’t offer a short term car rental plan. It goes between 24-36 months and offers limited mileage. If you return the vehicle before termination, the charges would be too much. Compared to car subscription, leasing is cost-efficient but doesn’t offer extra services, prime benefits, and high charges on mileage exceed and early termination.

  1. Why will we opt for a Car Subscription than Buying or EMIs?

Even after offering many benefits and rapidly increasing the demand for car subscriptions, certain people still get confused between a car subscription and buying a car on EMIs. It entirely depends on customer’s preferences, whether they chose a car subscription or buying ownership. But considering the current scenario, subscription seems to be practical because:

  • Easy Return and Easy Subscribe
  • Living with friends can share the cost
  • Get a bigger car for the family at the same cost as buying the smaller model
  • Safety, assistance, and risk-free ownership
  • No down payment, zero commitment, and no fear of depreciation
  • Ideal for those who have a transferrable job, project-based job- on deputation or small-medium period
  • Travel and daily commute sorted

Car Buying and EMIs

  • Heavy Down Payment and interest rates on EMI
  • Major Financial Crunch
  • Depreciating Value every year/month
  • Committed to one vehicle for at least 8-9 years
  • Extra cost for maintenance, insurance, and roadside assistance
  1. Can we get a cheap Car Subscription Service?

Before you subscribe to a vehicle, look for the best car subscription company to get a great deal. Many companies offer an affordable, safe, and convenient way of owning a car without down payments, liabilities, waiting periods, or car loans. Myles Car Subscription provides customers with the easiest and inexpensive way to have a car to drive, minus the baggage of long-term investment and commitment.

Top companies in India that offer Car Subscription:

  • Myles Automotive Technologies / Myles Zero
  • MyChoize
  • Revv Open/ Switch by Revv
  • Mahindra Subscription
  • Zoom Zap Subscribe
  • Hyundai Subscription
  • Maruti Suzuki Subscription
  • Nissan Subscription, and more.
  1. What Documents do we need and When?

You need to upload or show some documents to get a car on subscription. Documents you need:

  • Driving Lice
  • ID Proof (Passport/Aadhar Card)

For a seamless experience, uploading your documents after receiving confirmation on your booking is always recommended to get it verified the earliest. Most companies also verify original documents at the time of delivery of pick-up. If any documentation fails the validation, then the company can refuse to hand over the vehicle at any point.

  1. Can we really get a new car anytime?

One of the most amazing benefits of owning a car through subscription is you don’t have to stick to the same vehicle for years. In a car subscription, you can upgrade, return, extend and buy back your car at any point. You have to give notice to the company, close the current running tenure formalities, and opt for the choice you want to go for.

Car Subscription is about flexible ownership and zero commitment. Here you don’t have to stay with your vehicle for years, as you have to when you buy a car through traditional ownership.

  1. What if we want to buy a Car?

Yes, you can buy the subscribed car you are currently driving. Car Subscription companies give this amazing buy-back option to their customers. You can buy the vehicle any time before or after the completion of the tenure. You need to inform the company, complete the procedure, get the present-day market valuation of the vehicle, and buy it.

Here you don’t have to worry about a lot of paperwork, getting the right used car valuation, loan, etc. The company will get it done for you. You need to make the payments and buy that vehicle.

  1. What kind of Car suits for a Corporate Employee?

When you get a subscribed car, you’ll get a wide variety of fleet options to select from and get your desired car. From budgeted vehicle to a luxury car, a car subscription company offer it all. Whether you’re a corporate employee or a doctor, a college-going or self-employed, always get a vehicle that you need, required and fits into the budget.

Start with choosing the suitable model and brand, look for similar options, browse through the best car subscription service, fill in your requirement, and get your deeply cleanse, well-maintained, sanitized used or new car at the doorstep.

  1. What are all Benefits I can avail of from Subscribing to a Car?

Car Subscription is the new-gen way of owning a car that comes with practicality, flexibility, convenience, less financial burden, and no stress. Here we are listing the benefits you’ll going to attain once you bring home your subscribed vehicle.

  • Flexible Ownership
  • Zero Commitment
  • No Down payment
  • No Loan and EMIs
  • Anytime Return, Upgrade, Extend and Buy Back
  • All-Inclusive Deal- maintenance, insurance & roadside assistance
  • Cost-effective and save time
  • No Stress of Resale Value
  • Anytime Travel
  • Drive an all-equipped vehicle
  • Subscribe to the latest model anytime
  • Drive trouble-free for months or years
  • 24/7 Digital Assistance

Multiple choice often left customers perplexed, but a little investment in research works well for a longer-term.

Happy Subscribing! Happy Driving! Visit: https://bit.ly/3OF6Wko