Rain Check: Car Care Tips that helps you get Through the Monsoon

Tip-Tip Barsa Paani, and Paani ne Kiya Car ka Bura Haal.”

Not Anymore!

Monsoon brings a sigh of relief from a scorching Indian summer heat. It is incomplete without chai, long drives, and old Hindi melodies. But rains are also about traffic jams, mud, dirt, rust, and water accumulation to your car.

Rains can be harsh on your car, both exterior and interior. To drive safe and keep your car protected from monsoon, here are some car care tips that will help.

Car Care Tips to get through the Monsoon: Exterior

Quite obviously, the car exterior takes the most from the monsoon season. The dirt, debris, continuous rainfall, etc., makes the car look mushy and increase the risk of rust accumulation. Here are a few quick tips for car care:

Clean It up!

It is the simplest and most important tip to follow for effective car care in the monsoon. It is always necessary to clean your vehicle after every drive in the rain to get rid of dirt, dust, debris, and other contaminants that can cause rust or damage the car. After washing your car, wipe it immediately, and clean it every morning to avoid the build-up of twigs and leaves.

Extra Layer of Paint Protection

Want your car to look like a new one? You can do it by applying a coat of exterior paint protection you trust the most for your vehicle. Choose the right one to save your car exterior from corrosions and repels. You can choose either protective paint, which can be expensive or opt for alternative paint like ceramic one. Car Wax can also be a helpful product and forms a protective layer between your car paint and contaminated rainwater.

Say a Big No to Car Covers

The car looks good when it washed by the rain. But less we know that rainwater is contaminated, as it mixed with the airborne particles and turned into acid rain. Car Cover is coming up in your mind, and you should not implement it—using a car cover in monsoon as protective gear is a huge mistake. Rain cover indeed keeps rainwater and dirt at bay, but it can stick to the coat of protection pain when it dries out and peel it off when you remove the cover.

Under the Bonnet and Boot, Clean Please

Dirt and debris can be accumulated easily at different places in your car. Two of the most common places are the boot and bonnet, where you can find leaves, dirt, twigs, and even moisture. It is essential to clean these places, as when the dirt collected, it blocks the drainage hole and lead to water-build-up and eventually rusting. The moisture not only result in rusting of the doors but also jams and corroding.

Underbody Needs Attention Too

Show some love and care to the underbody of the car, and it needs attention too. The underbody of a vehicle is made of metal and is exposed to dirt, water, and other elements. It means it should be kept even more protected for a clean, rust-free, and healthy conditioned vehicle. Engine oil and diesel form a great combination to keep the underbody rust-free and be used as a protective layer. It can be used on suspension but should be kept away from brakes and engines.

Car Care Tips to get through the Monsoon: Interior

After deep cleaning of the exterior, it’s time to work on the interior of your car. Yes, monsoon is not great for interiors either. It leads to the rapid development of excess moisture, foul odour, dirt, and mildew inside the car. Here are a few quick tips for car care:

Newspapers Keep Dirt and Mud Away           

We all love rains but not the build-up of dirt and mud on the roads that find its way to our car and home through us. It is easy to clean our house but not the mud and dirt we drag in our car and gets all over the carpets and floor mats. To keep your car floor and mat clean, lay down some newspaper or paper foot mattress that will help absorb the moisture and dirt. They are inexpensive, easy to replace and clean, and keep the floor of your car clean.

Keep your Car Dry

When you decide to take your car out in the rain, you will surely get some moisture into your vehicle—the moisture results in odour and an unpleasant environment inside your car. The best way to get away with it is by placing a large towel on the seat, so it soaks all the moisture and won’t let it transfer to car seats and covers. You can also get a microfibre towel and waterproof seat covers online to save your car from rainy season woes. Also, take care of your steering wheel, dashboard, and gear knob, keep them dry and don’t let mould grow.

Cover and Secure Electrical Parts

Water and Electrical Parts cannot be mixed; we know that, and they should be protected. So, before you set to go for a long drive through the rain, you must check for loose wire and open electrical components. If you find any wire in your car which is not protected, you should cover it immediately and protect it from plastic covers or electrical tape to keep yourself and your family safe.

Keeps Window and Windshield Clear

The car air conditioner is one of the most important elements during rainy days, and you better get it serviced before the monsoon. The car ac helps regulate the moisture inside your car to keep it fresh, dry and windows clear. Defogging the window is another essential thing to take care of during monsoon for safety and freshness. However, modern cars come with a rear defogger and help to see the road clearly. It seems to be very helpful when driving in the rain.

Don’t let the monsoon ruin your vibe by damaging your car. Enjoy the rainy season to the fullest, drive safely, follow COVID precautions, and maintain your vehicle’s health.

Happy Driving!

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