Behind the scenes: How we treat a damaged Myles

If you have driven Myles, you probably know how well maintained our cars are. They are family and we ensure they receive the best treatment when they get unwell or damaged.  Wear-and-tear is inevitable, however, damages pose a challenge in offering our full fleet of  self-drive cars at your disposal. After all, the cars should spend more time on the roads with our members rather than in workshops.

Let’s take you behind the scenes of our damage-repair operations

1. We take the damaged Myles for diagnosis to our workshop.


2. We ensure that experienced professionals provide the best treatment without an iota of compromise on quality.


3.  Our dedicated damage-repair support team oversees the operation and settles the insurance.

4. The car undergoes repair, the time varies from a few days to a few weeks. Unfortunately, we’re then forced to refuse bookings during peak hours when most of the Myles get sold out. It’s disappointing for us and infuriating for our members.

All these factors – repair, operational and opportunity cost add up to a damage cost, which is shared by the member and us. We’re constantly improving the services,  rectifying the problems and upgrading the technology to minimise the cost passed to you.

Feel free to go through our damage policy here.
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