Top 3 Benefits of Monthly Car Rental – An Ideal Alternative to Car Buying


Having a car of your own is a great feeling. Agreed! But, buying a car is a tedious process and not an economical choice. Car buying involves various expenditures viz., insurance cost, EMI interest, service and maintenance cost, parking charges, fuel cost, etc. We understand that owning a car is your dream but you know what’s the smart thing to do? Look for an alternative to car buying. Ever heard of monthly car rental? May be not. Because car rentals is still an alien concept for many in India. Let’s introduce you to this value for money formula called monthly car rental and share some of its benefits today.

What is monthly car rental?

Monthly car rental means you can rent a car on monthly basis from a rental company. You pay a fixed price every month and can return the car at the end of the rental tenure. If you want to continue using the car, you can get the rental period renewed. It is often referred as long-term car rental.

What are the benefits of monthly car rental?

Opting to rent a car rather than buying it opens up a world of advantages that makes getting on the road much more cost effective and less complicated.

1. Greater Flexibility with Monthly Car Rental

Though the sales rep at the car showroom tells you that the car you have chosen is the best, within months you’ll see better deals being advertised and newer models coming out with more features in the market. This might make you regret you choice of car. With long-term car rental, there is no post-purchase regret and you get a car when you actually need it. At the end of the rental tenure you have the flexibility to pick a new car.

2. No Stress with Monthly Car Rental

Right from buying to running it and then maintaining it, owning a car brings along loads of stress, which is something you don’t need in your life. Unlike buying, renting a car on monthly basis gives you no stress. You don’t need to worry about the paperwork, down payment, insurance cost, maintenance charges, road tax, damage liability (in case of accidental damage), re-sale, etc. You even get roadside assistance whenever you want.

3. No Long-term commitment with Monthly Car Rental

It means no long-term contract and you pay only for the rental period. You can own a car for as long as you want and return it when your booking period is over.

So, you see, you can still own a car without actually buying it and that too, at a much lesser cost. You get a car when you need it and pay only for the time you use it, else return and go asset free. It gives you more control over your budget and lets you save money, which you can spend on more important things like travelling to that dream destination. Or you can choose to investment the money saved and get good returns. It is a definite win-win for any aspiring car buyer. To know more you have to try it once.

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