Break Up with your Car! Upgrade to a Better Car in your Budget

It’s the right time to break up with your car when it starts costing you more over maintenance than its current resale value. Dumping your old car is a great decision, and we know you have already begun to imagine yourself in your brand new dream car. But your budget isn’t allowing it?

How about a car subscription?

Break up with your old car and upgrade to a better one in your budget with Myles Car Subscription. It is a modern and practical alternative to traditional car-buying that comes with affordability and zero condition. A car subscription model is like Netflix, and you can get it whenever you want, use it and stop it once you don’t want it anymore. It offers flexible ownership at zero condition, no down payment, and zero maintenance stress.

The cost of buying new- on subscription

Even though the cost of maintenance and repair hurts your pocket, but buying a new car can be a costlier proposition. One can always opt for a used car to minimise the expenses like registration fees, taxes, on-road price, and the severity of the car’s problems. There is another way to get a brand new vehicle under your name without burning a hole in your pocket through a car subscription. A car Subscription is where you can own a car without paying down payments, bank loans, or EMIs. You need to pay a monthly fee and drive your car for as long as you want.

How do you get a car with no commitments?

One of the significant benefits of a car subscription is that it comes with zero commitment, unlike traditional car buying. You buy a car and keep it for at least 8-9 years. If you want to change a vehicle after a couple of years, it can be expensive. Yes, even if you so wish to get your dream car. But with a car subscription model, you can own a car for as long as you want, return or upgrade. Car Subscription comes with a flexible ownership option. It means you can choose your vehicle, select the tenure, book and pay, and drive endless smooth rides. Car Subscription starts from 6 months to 60 months.

How about getting an expensive dream car?

Well, a car subscription is not just fitted perfectly in your budget, but it can get you your favourite luxury car at so much affordability. The Car Subscription model offers a wide range of models starting from standards to luxury vehicles, both old and new. Affording an expensive car cannot always fit our budget, but it is possible to drive our dream car at ease without breaking the bank with a car subscription.

Thinking about Maintenance and other Services

One of the many advancements of getting a car on subscription is its inclusivity. The monthly subscription fee covers maintenance and routine service charges, insurance fees, and roadside assistance. Car Subscription comes with zero hidden costs and offers your dream car on the budget.

Deciding what to do? Just get a new car on subscription and have hundreds of smooth rides. Make your daily commute safe, plan the long-awaited road trip, and own a dream car stress-free.

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