Car Subscription with Myles: Change Cars every 6 Months if you want!

Buying a car is an expensive affair. Not only it took a lot of investment, but you’ll get stuck with it for years. It surely burns a hole in your pocket to get your dream car. So, imagine if you can cost-effectively get your desired car and change it after every 6 months or years you prefer.

And we’re not kidding?

You must be thinking we might suggest you switch around with second-hand car buying instead of getting a brand new car. But we have a better plan for you, which is getting a Car on Subscription.

What is a Car Subscription?

Car subscription is no more a foreign term for us and is considered the best alternative for car buying. It is a cost-efficient way to own a car without paying a hefty down payment, EMIs, or loan. It comes with zero commitment and additional charges like maintenance, insurance fee, and roadside assistance.

Certain leasing and car rental services are ruling the market for several years. A car subscription seems similar to any other car rental or leasing program but has many more benefits and easy subscription, termination, upgrade, buy-back, and other services options.

A car Subscription is a way to get the car of your dream by paying a monthly fee and includes maintenance cost, insurance fee, and roadside assistance. Car Subscription starts from 6 months to 60 months, and some companies also offer a subscription for even one month.

It means a car subscription comes with no down payment, zero commitment, and a flexible ownership program. It gives you the flexibility of changing your car after every 6 months and so.

Change Car Every 6 Months, Really?

Changing your car every 6 months is certainly a dream for many, and we often think that only billionaires can do that. Now you can too. Getting a new car every few months or years gives you a joyous experience of driving the new and latest model. That new car smell, smooth steering wheel, and bedding in the new brakes is always a feel-good thing.

Getting all this in the bare minimum amount is undoubtedly a win-win thing. Car Buying comes with a huge commitment; we have to stuck with it for at least 8-9 years as we have invested a lot. Owning a car is like having that favorite top with who we play day and night, and eventually, get bored of them.

A car subscription is an ideal way of fulfilling your dream of changing your car every 6 months. Car Subscription Companies offer car rental for tenure starting from 6 months to 60 months. The subscriber can change it anytime, upgrade, extend, return and even buy the vehicle. It is how you can change your vehicle every 6 months and drive the car you desired.

Why Myles Car Subscription?

Get instant car ownership with Myles Zero available in major cities like Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Pune, Bengaluru, Chennai, and Hyderabad for both individual and corporate. Myles Subscription comes with Zero Risks, Zero Commitment, Zero Stress, Zero Down Payment, and trust and reliability.

It is easy to subscribe to a Myles Car. Either go to the website or download the Myles app through Play Store or App Store. Select your city, car, share documents, and complete the payment to bring your car home.

No hassle and no delays- this is how Myles Subscription works for you.

Happy Subscribing! Happy Driving!