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Evade commuting woes and traffic delays with smart and safe driving tips

Summing up the everyday minutes we lose to traffic jams while driving leads to an unbelievable estimate and as per a survey amounts to nearly 200 hrs of total time wasted each year. The scale of this idle time spend on the road vastly shows a rise when we talk about the top metropolitan cities. No matter how hard we try to avoid traffic, losing 15-20 minutes per commute has become a norm and as heavy traffic congestion leads to risky driving situations, we must always consider utmost safety while carving our way through the same.

While there is no special approach to driving in heavy traffic, there is a safe attitude to adopt in order to ensure utmost protection from unavoidable situations and driving risks. Traffic congestion is a concern that haunts all drivers and leads to a negative impact on the driver that might create unfavorable responses from anxiety and impatience.

Following the simple guide below will let you be safe during ultimate traffic rush and ensure that you reach your destination without a scratch –

Be smart to pull through nasty traffic

Smarter driving is what impacts your journey the most and it is an approach that never recommends speeding. While being swift will make you reach the destination early by a matter of few minutes, the risks you have to suffer are never worth the reward.

Thus be sure to be safe and:

  • Maintain a steady pace along the drive
  • Follow your lane and avoid lane changing
  • Always indicate before direction changes
  • Be sure to have enough gas in the tank for such traffic jams

Maintain a safe distance with vehicle in front

Always keep a half vehicle’s length between you and the car ahead. This way you can have an extra second to react in case the driver ahead brakes suddenly or acts unorthodox. Always mind the braking of the car in front and as soon as the red light glows, you need to be aware and slow down the vehicle to avoid unnecessary contacts.

Eliminate distractions and stay 100% focused

Many drivers tend to kill the idle time in traffic jams by browsing through the latest Instagram feed or going through WhatsApp stories. As in heavy traffic conditions, everyone is impatient, you must avoid such distractions and prevent unnecessary hassles by taking your eye off the road.

Count the delays in advance to reach on time

Delays from traffic jams are unavoidable. However one can improvise by leaving for the destination 10-15 minutes early and drive without any hassle. This way you can easily evade the congestion of rush hour and make a safe on-time arrival at the destination.

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