Explained: Why your Next Car Should be a Subscription Car?

Oh, you’re thinking of getting a car? Great!

Owing a car has always been a matter of prestige in India. But in this time and age, it is more about a need, especially in the challenging times of a pandemic. Car ownership isn’t a cheap deal; it comes with down payments, interests, and a lot of monthly maintenance cost. Moreover, owning a car is a long-term- commitment.

To get yourself out of all the hassle of car buying, switch to a car subscription.

Car Subscription is – All of the car ownership power and zero responsibility.

Car Subscription is quick, convenient, and pocket-friendly and should be the way you get your next car.

No Crazy Money

Purchasing a car in India isn’t a cheap deal. Even if you go for a low model, you still need to put in a lot of money. The average rate of a down payment can end up giving up on months and even years of savings. The remainder of the amount of your car is covered through a loan. A loan is a hefty obligation for most of the Indian, as it comes with a high-interest rate. Moreover, many hidden charges can make a large hole in the pocket. Along with this, you have to pay monthly and quarterly vehicle service charges.

All-Inclusive Deal

Often, it gets pretty tricky for car owners to track down the exact cost of the car ownership. Owning a car doesn’t only about paying the on-road prices; it includes insurance payments, maintenance, and service charges. Costing of all these keeps fluctuating and make it challenging to understand the actual cost. It creates unnecessary budgeting pressure that becomes trickier to manages. Car Subscription is not your typical ownership of the car. But it indeed turns the typical process and turns into an all-inclusive deal that comes with zero stress. That means no additional cost for insurance, registration, service, taxes and maintenance expenses from your pocket.

Flexibility and More Flexibility

Car Subscription comes with a lot of flexibility from tenure to money to model to kilometre run. The average holding tenure for a purchased car in the country is around 9-10 years. That’s a long time to get quickly bored with the vehicle. It also means 9-10 years of dealing with insurance, service, and maintenance. With a car subscription, you can upgrade your vehicle anytime. Also, when the car gets older and apparently costs more both on the road and when you dispose of it. Car Subscription offers you flexible tenure options starting from 6 months to 60 months.

Move with Trends

The flexibility of the tenure in car subscription offers their buyers the option to drive a brand-new car every couple of years. Car Subscription service agencies keep adding newer models to their dashboards. Car subscribers can upgrade new model or can go for another car. Car Subscription is best for those who want to keep up with the trends, love the smell of a new car, and like to try new and exciting colours to choose from.

Safety and 24/7 Assistance

Imagine breaking down on a highway where it is difficult to find a repair shop. Owning a car comes with unfortunate situations like this. But a car subscription makes your ownership smarter and safer, where ever you travel. The subscription service provides roadside assistance facility to their subscribers across the country, and it’s cover under your maintenance charges. The toll-free number is 24/7 available with assistance at your service for a stress-free driving experience.

Myles car subscription is gaining popularity immensely, and buyers are ready to try this different ownership opportunity. It offers prestige, safety, flexibility, and a lot of savings. Now you have known why your next car should be a subscribed one.

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