Happy Halloween: Visit these Haunted Spots in India for a Spine-Chilling Road Trip


It’s that time of the year when the world is drenched in the excitement of festivities. From Navratri to Oktoberfest to Diwali to Halloween to Thanksgiving to Hachiman Matsuri to Dussehra to Concurs de Castells to Cirio de Nazare to Christmas, and much more, the world is soaked in different hues of celebration.

The era of the internet and technology brings the world closer. Today, we not only respect every culture but also try to celebrate them with full gusto. Now, it’s time for the Halloween celebration. An ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, where people light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off evil energies. Halloween is about treats, lanterns, customers, and having fun.

Halloween is a fancy festival with a lot of spookiness, and this Halloween, let’s celebrate it with a mini-vacation to some of the well-known haunted spots in India.

Here you go with Myles for a spine-chilling road trip this Halloween Weekend.

A Road Trip to Bhangarh- Rajasthan  

Bhangarh in Rajasthan needs no introduction. The place is known as India’s most haunted location. Merely the tales and folklore about Bhangarh can give you goosebumps. Imagine what its glimpse can do to you. People who visit the place have their experiences to share. Some agree that this place is haunted, and others believe it is just rumour blown by locals.

But the ASI (Archaeological Survey of India) board sign in front of the fort indicates a warning. The board says that it is prohibited to stay on the premises of Bhangarh before sunrise and after sunset. No matter what, the place attracts thousands of tourists across the globe. If you follow the rules, it is a place you want to visit once.

How to Reach: Book a self-drive car rental in Delhi or Jaipur and have a thrilling road trip to Bhangarh Fort. You can also explore nearby areas within the district.

Things to Do: Enjoy your day exploring the fort with your guide and other tourists, try Rajasthani cuisine at a local café, Dhaba or restaurant, hear Ghost stories from locals, and you can also visit Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary.

Hauntings of Shaniwar Wada- Maharashtra

You must have watched the famous costume drama Bajirao Mastani and heard Shaniwar Wada many times in the movie. Shaniwar Wada is the abode of the Peshwas and is renowned for its historical significance and haunted tale. The fort was built in 1730 for Bajiroa, and stories of its haunting involved Peshwa Narayanroa, who was assassinated in the palace.

Today, the place is open for tourists, and at night it gives an eerie feel. It is said, the Hindu funeral is not done as per rituals, due to which the spirit remains trapped in the fort. Locals tell the stories of someone crying for help still being heard at night. Shaniwar Wada is located in Shaniwar Peth in Pune.

How to Reach: Hire a budgeted car rental in Mumbai and travel to Pune to witness the beauty and spookiness of this place. You stay in Pune and explore nearby places.

Things to Do: After sightseeing the fort, explore nearby, camp at Pawna Lake, try mouth-watering Maharashtrian delicacies, and much more.

Happy Halloween in Delhi!

The land of power and regal history, the National Capital, Delhi, is a thriving metropolis that reflects different colours of Indian culture, tradition, and rich heritage. The vibrant city stores an unsaid truth of hauntings under the layer of everyday hassle and bustle. Yes, the city is home to some of the insanely haunted places that leave you thinking about how such things co-exist.

Hire an intracity self-drive car rental in Delhi and this Halloween visit to these places to have spine-chilling experiences.

  • Delhi Cantonment is known for the story of a ghastly woman in a white saree asking for a lift.
  • Lothian Cemetery is famous for its beheaded ghosts. The passes claim to have heard haunting laughs and cries.
  • Sanjay Van is a beautiful place in the day, but it is no less than a nightmare at night. The eerily poised women and children with shrill laughs are mentioned in the tales by locals.
  • Agrasen ki Baoli is a residence of evils, once filled with mystical black water and lured many to commit suicide. Today, people said they at times feel the presence of other beings.
  • Firoz Shah Kotla Fort is associated with tales of Djinns, and people feel the presence of other beings, cold areas, and situations that are spine chilling.
  • Khooni Darwaza is the place where people have heard anguished cries and blood-curdling creams around the monument. The temperature drops suddenly.
  • Malcha Mahal is also known as Wilayat Mahal and is one of the eeriest places in Delhi’s Chanakyapuri area. It has been known as a haunted residence for decades, and locals have been reported multiple events of paranormal activities.
  • Others: Delhi Ridge Area, The Haunted Tree of Dwarka Sector 9, Chor Minar, Mutiny House, The Karkardooma Delhi Court, DDA flats in Qutub Enclave Phase II, and Bhulti Bhatiyari Ka Mahal.

Spooky Getaway to Kuldhara- Rajasthan

The state is known for an array of haunted places, and one of them is Kuldhara Village. The Paliwal Brahmins inhabited the village, and around 200 years ago, the diwan of Jaisalmer Salim Singh created a situation for the villagers that made them leave the place. Before leaving, they curse the village and diwan that no one will ever live in Kuldhara.

The Paranormal Society in Delhi went there to check the authenticity of the place and spent 12 hours in the village. They found the story was true and detected unusual activities, saw shadowy figures, felt some invisible presence, and more.

How to Reach: Get a self-drive car rental in Ahmedabad, Jaipur or Delhi, and travel to this place.

Things to Do: Explore Kuldhara Village this Halloween weekend if you’re not a weak heart person. You can also visit nearby areas. Try local food and have a spooky getaway.

Spine-Chilling Drive to these Roads

Long drives and road trips are something we all love to experience. This Halloween, take a road that offers spooky, thrilling, and spine-chilling experiences. There are quite a few highways and roads that are known for bizarre events and mysterious incidents.

  • Delhi-Jaipur Highway haunting is associated with the Bhangarh fort, and people experience frightening things during their travel at night.
  • Lane East Coast Road (Chennai- Pondicherry) is the most beautiful route and is believed to be eerie and accident-prone. The travellers claim to see a woman in a white saree, drivers losing control of the vehicle, leading to severe accidents.
  • NH 29 Tamil Nadu is known for its kidnapping, smuggling, murdering, and many haunted stories. It is believed that the stretch is haunted by the Ghost of Veerappan- the famous dacoit.
  • Kashedi Ghat Mumbai Goa Highway is another highway that is claimed to be haunted, where people stated that they had been scratched by unknown forces on their neck, back, and face.
  • Khooni Nala Jammu Srinagar Highway has seen many bizarre accidents. A lady committed suicide while she was pregnant, and today her spirit roams around with an infant responsible for drivers’ losing control and crashing the vehicle.
  • Others: Kasara Ghat- Mumbai Nasik Highway, Blue Cross Road- Chennai, Eastern Express Highway- Thane, Igorchem Road- Goa, Johnson & Johnson Road- Mulund Maharashtra, Sathyamangalam Wildlife Sanctuary Corridor- NH 209 Tamil Nadu, Marve and Madh Island Road- Mumbai, and more.

Get ready to have a spine-chilling experience by driving to these spooky places this Halloween, and know yourself whether these stories are real or just folklore. With Myles, make your thrilling road trip experience smoother and better.

Have a Spooky Journey!

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