Long Vs Short Term: What kind of Car Subscription you should choose?

Getting a car is one of the top priorities of people once they start working or settling down. Cars are considered one of the biggest assets to own. Today, people are opting for smarter choices and know-how to invest better, especially when it comes to spending money on cars, furniture, and clothes.

Car Subscription is the practical alternative to car buying that provides flexible ownership and every benefit without buying a vehicle. Car rentals are available for both short term and long-term tenure.

What is a short-term car rental?

The Car Rental industry has significantly emerged in the past few years. It offers the ability to rent a car for a flexible time as per their requirement. Short term car rental is renting a car for a day, week, or longer, up to six months, depending on customers’ needs.

Getting a short-term car rental if you want to plan a weekend getaway or moving to a different city is an ideal choice. You can either choose a self-drive car rental or car subscription to fulfil your short-term travel needs.

What is a long-term car rental?

Own a car with zero commitment, down payment, and maintenance cost through car subscription. Get a car subscription for the long-term, starting from 6 to 60 months and enjoy every benefit of car ownership by paying a monthly fee. Buying a car on subscription goes easy with the budget. A long-term car subscription is an ideal choice for those who don’t want to invest much in a vehicle, like changing cars frequently and enjoying hassle-free rides every time.

Long Term Vs Short Term Car Subscription: What to Choose?

Benefits of Long-Term over Short-Term Car Subscription

  • Flexible Payments: Long term car subscribers enjoy greater benefits in all terms, especially flexibility in payment. The same advantage subscribers or renters do not always get in the case of short-term renting. Moreover, car subscription payment has no hidden charges, just a monthly fee depending on the car model and tenure you choose.
  • Great Discounts and Pricing: Long term car subscribers get better discounts and customized pricing for a car subscription package since they rent the vehicle for a longer duration. Long term car subscription comes with an easy budget.
  • Closer Attention: Car Subscription providers take care of their customers’ satisfaction by offering them quality service. Long term subscribers are generally given more attention in terms of rental maintenance, service, assistance, and more.
  • Fleet Options: Car Subscription providers offer a wide range of fleet options to their customers. Long term subscribers are generally given more options and also to get a brand-new car of their choice. As they are opting subscription for a longer tenure, they can get a new car and even an electric vehicle.

Car Subscription is a smarter way of owning a vehicle without buying it. Whether you are opting for short-term rental or long-term rental, you always avail plenty of benefits.

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