Happy Rides: Tips on Spring Cleaning for your Car

When we think of Spring Cleansing, we probably think of cleaning up our homes or office space, doing winter clothes packing, washing linens for summer use, and running around to shake off the last remnant of winter as the weather warms. But amidst this cleaning spree, have you thought of your car?

Yes, Spring Cleaning your car is essential as much as you priorities cleaning up your home and office. Winters can be hard on your car, inside and out, and shouldn’t be neglected. It is important to give little extra care to your car to renew and refresh.

Why is Spring Cleaning your Car Important?

There must be many thoughts crossing your mind right now. Why do you need to invest time cleaning your car? Won’t monthly service be enough? It’s girls/boys who keep their car dirty? Why is it essential?

Spring means adding new life and beauty, doing the same to your car, making every ride a happy one. Springtime needs little extra care, so with your monthly service. When it comes to cleanliness of the car, both men and women can be pretty disgusting. So take a deep breath and get your spring car cleaning in action.

Make the Checklist

Clean Your Carpets: You need

  • Water
  • Brush
  • Vacuum
  • Vinegar
  • Absorbent Rags

Clean the Interior: Things to Include

  • Use Dust Wipes
  • Wash the Windows
  • Vacuum the floor and seats
  • Wipe down all the hard surface

Clean the Exterior: What you need

  • Soft wiping cloth
  • Car wash soap
  • Buckets
  • Drying Cloth

Let’s get started!

Change the Air Filter

Swap out the cabin air filter under the hood. We know how important it is to change the air filter, but many of us ignore it. The air filters are usually located behind the glove compartment and can be home to pollen, dust mites, and other contaminants that your air conditioner can blow into your car.

You must be thinking, when did you change these filters last time? If you do not remember, then it is definitely the right time to change the air filter.

Air filters tend to clog usually during the spring and autumn season because trees and plants are churning out pollen. So if you notice a weird smell in your car or poor airflow from the air conditioning, you know what to do.

It is a sign to swap the filters and purify your interior.

Show some Love to Carpets

Neglecting cleaning the interior of your car, especially the surface area, could develop excess wear and tear. It can be a home to dust, dirt and spilt particles. Start with refreshing your car carpets or foot mats. If you’re living in colder regions, where it snows heavily, you must have brought a lot of slush and salt onto your carpet while commuting. There are chances that these foot mat or rugs are covered with stains. In developing countries like India, dust and dirt is common, especially in the Spring season.

So grab the basic cleaning stuff from your kitchen and get rid of those stains. Your mats’ power washing makes them look fresh, clean, and your car will smell good. Wash and let them dry well before you put them back.

De-fuzz the Car Seats

Our car seats take a lot, from our hair to pet’s hair, food, and much more. All these things make them look fuzzy and, of course, dirty. To deep clean your car seats or cover, vacuuming isn’t the only solution, no matter how long you stand holding it doing back and forth on your seat using multiple nobs attachment.

Put on your rubber gloves with a good grip, and then rub your hands across the seat. Now spray and brush if they have any stains, or use dry spray to remove dirt and bacteria. Additionally, with the ongoing Covid scenario, it is important to keep your disinfectant and sanitized.

Windows and Windshield

During cleaning your car, windows and windshield get overlooked. Splashing water and rubbing sponge all over is not enough. You need to carefully clean up your windows and windshield and start with not using kitchen or household cleansers, especially those that may consist of ammonia or alcohol.

The ingredient is not suitable for the rubber seals and also ruins the tint of the window glass.

It would be great if you invest in a good car glass cleaner and a microfiber towel. Glass cleaner for automotive is safe for your car, keeps window tint intact, and the microfiber cloth helps you get good, clean, shiny with no fabric fibres windows and windshield.

Get New Wipers

Well-conditioned wipers mean clear vision, and we know you don’t want your windshield to look messy after all that cleaning up. There is nothing worse than getting stuck with a Spring shower and old wiper. Wiper blades are used to wear out by clearing fog, snow, water, and dust from the windshield.

Even if not, winter months can be hard on your wiper blades, and you find them cracked and dried out. They won’t be able to clean the windshield effectively, and replacing them quickly is the only solution. Replacing the wipers is easy and inexpensive. So do it today.

Pay Attention to Headlights and Taillights

The headlight and taillight area often accumulate dust, and they become cloudy very quickly. These things cause inconvenience in visibility at night time and can cause road hazard. Spring Cleaning is a gentle reminder to you to pay attention to your car’s headlight and taillight and clean them.

You can use toothpaste for plastic headlamps. Baking soda also proves to be effective and clean the gunk without damaging the material. If your headlamps are made up of glass, you need to use a different substance for abrasive cleaning.

Touch Up! Please

Well, you did a great job, and now it is time for some touch-up. With the help of car wax scrub, make the exterior and hard surface of the interior of your car look better. Pay attention to undercarriage and rims and deeply cleanse them. The wax and scrubbing remove minute dirt scratches, add shine, and leave your car looking fresh, better, and new.

These tips and tricks help you keep your car clean and tidy the whole year and reflect personal cleanliness. Whether you have owned a car or taken a subscription, your car is part of your personality, which clearly reflects on how you keep it.

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