How Car Subscription is an Ideal Choice for Today’s Modern Women?

People often stereotype female drivers, and we find them saying ‘pakka ladki drive kar rhi hogi’ whenever they face slight trouble on the road because of another driver. But according to a study published in the journal, it is shown that women tend to be better drivers than men, much better. The study is based on the number of deaths caused by women and men between 2005 and 2015.

Women are good drivers!

It is revealed that men are more dangerous drivers and take more risks on roads than women. Whatever the studies say, being careful and offering safety to other road users is everyone’s responsibility.

Women and Driving

Where women across the globe enjoy driving their dream car, there are certain groups of women struggling to get a driving licence. For some, driving is liberating, and for others, it is about fulfilling their daily needs.

Owning a Dream Car

According to an industry survey, it is found that about 10-12% of sales in the 2.96 million passenger vehicle market in India. Besides the data, it is found that the percentage of women car owner users is much higher and is not found on papers as many vehicles are still registered in the name of their male family members.

Taking the Ownership

Driving is empowering, and so is ownership. How about taking it in complete control? Own and drive your dream car on your terms with a car subscription. Car Subscription is an alternative model of traditional car buying, and it comes with no conditions.

How Car Subscription is an Ideal Choice for Modern Women?

Today’s modern women are visionary and conversationalists and want things that match their ideologies, requirements, and of course, lifestyle flexibility. For starters, begin sorting the hassle of daily commute with a vehicle that comes with zero condition.

Car Subscription is an alternative model to traditional car-buying that comes with zero down payment, zero condition, zero commitment, and a lot of flexibility.

Car Subscription is Cost-Efficient

Buying a car isn’t cheap; the down payment, bank loan, and registration can cost you a good part of your savings. It is followed by paying monthly EMIs with a big interest rate and maintenance and insurance charges. Switching to a car subscription model goes well with your ideal of investment, as you don’t have to pay a hefty down payment and use the amount to invest in other things. Car Subscription requires a nominal monthly fee, covering service and insurance costs.

Subscription offers Flexibility and No Conditions

The biggest pros of getting a car on subscription are the flexibility of ownership it comes with, and the whole model is ideal for today’s modern women. How? Car Subscription works perfectly for you, especially when your work requires moving between cities or constant travelling. You go for a month to 6 months car subscription or look for a customized plan as per your need. Also, you can always switch between models, upgrade the vehicle, and end the subscription.

Jack of all Trades, Why Not!

Car Subscription is not just an alternative way of owning a car or gives you a sense of owning a personal vehicle; it is more than this. Car Subscription is a cost-effective model that you need in your life. Owning a car comes with various charges from registration, routine service, maintenance, taxation, insurance cost, pollution certificate, and if things go odd, then roadside assistance. Car Subscription with Myles, you only need to pay the monthly fee, which covers it all.

Keep Vehicle Trouble at Bay

Being a modern independent woman, you have already so much on your plate, and sometimes it becomes not so easy to manage the work and life balance. To ease it a bit, let’s take the vehicle issues from your back and offer you trouble-free years of driving your car. The average life of a vehicle is around 9-11 years, and if it is in perfect condition, it can go 15 years. To own a car, you need to take good care of the maintenance, and it gets higher every year. With a car subscription, not just everything is covered under the monthly fee, but the hassle of taking the vehicle to service has also been taken care of by the Myles team.

Drive Better-equipped Dream Car, Anytime

Well, you must have been dreaming of that one car for years now, but your budget isn’t allowing you to get one. You might not be able to buy your dream luxury car, but you can always afford to own it through a subscription. Opting for a car subscription with Myles, you get the top and latest models in the inventory at a budgeted deal. A high-end car is a dream come true; even if our pockets don’t permit it, a car rental agreement always helps us drive a better-equipped and expensive car.

A car subscription is safe and convenient and comes with digital assistance to match our fast-paced lives. A smart car ownership model is a great deal for everyone in today’s rapidly changing time and age.

Myles car subscription makes it more convenient and easier for you to take your dream car home without breaking the bank, and have effortless, trouble-free rides.

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