How to Plan a Perfect Romantic Date with Myles

Here’s a guide on how to plan your perfect self-drive date with your partner.

1. Book a Myles car depending on your mood and occasion. Honda City, Creta or Fotuner, feel free to choose from 38+ car models and drive like a boss.


2. Find a decent expressway/highway for the drive. Timing holds the key and there’s no better time than dusk to commence the drive.


3. Play the right music. Country music and soft instrumental songs would add cheery on the cake.  Jay Z and company may take a break.


4. Roses! Sounds old school, but quintessential for a perfect date. Hide the roses in dashboard, seat pockets and surprise her every 30 minutes.

P.S. Plan may backfire if she’s allergic


5. All’s well that ends well. A long drive, sunset, soft music and a dinner  to steal the show.