International Tiger Day: 7 Gorgeous Tiger Reserves in India to Explore with Myles

There is nothing like the thrill of walking through the jungle for a tiger and knowing they could be watching you already.”- Ashlan Gorse Cousteau

Wild, dangerous, powerful, and ferocious words come to our minds when we think of the majestic beast- Tiger. No matter how unpredictable and dangerous this species is, they look magnificent, and many of us are fascinated with their sight.

If you’re one of them and want to spot tigers in their natural habitat, plan your upcoming trip to a tiger reserve in India. This International Tiger Day, get into the wilderness with Myles by visiting these famous national tiger reserves.

We are listing the top 7 for you:

  1. Jim Corbett National Park, Uttarakhand

Established in 1936, Jim Corbett is the most famous and India’s first national park. It was initially called Hailey National Park, then Ramgaga National Park, and again renamed in 1957 after tiger-hunter Jim Corbett (also known for the book The Man-Eaters of Kumaon). The tiger reserve has always been a favourite destination among wildlife lovers, adventure enthusiasts, and luxury vacation tourists. Book a self-drive car rental in Delhi and set the voyage to witness the rich flora and fauna, and you might spot tigers.

Things to do: Wildlife Spotting, Elephant Safari, Jeep Safari, Trekking, Camping, Luxury stay at the Resorts, and more.

  1. Ranthambore National Tiger Park, Rajasthan

A road trip to this magnificent land of Ranthambore in Rajasthan is an experience of a lifetime. Ranthambore National Tiger Park was established in 1980 and is one of the country’s most famous and top tiger reserves. The park is surrounded by ancient forts, temples, hunting pavilions, cenotaphs, and crocodile-filled lakes. Book a car rental in Jaipur or Delhi to witness royal Bengal tigers, serene lakes, and natural galore. The tiger reserve is famous for its safari ride.

Things to do: Hike up to Ranthambore Fort, Jungle Safari, nature walk, bird watching, etc., to name a few.

  1. Bandhavgarh National Park, Madhya Pradesh

Another famous destination to spot the big wild cats, Bandhavgarh in Madhya Pradesh, is one of the most sought-after places to go for tiger spotting. Bandhavgarh Nation Park covers 1536 square kilometers of area, where most tigers are found in the 453 square kilometers, making it the core zone of the reserve. The National Park is also home to several other animals, reptiles, and birds. Bandhavgarh is a fantastic place. Go for this road trip for an incredible jungle safari experience.

Things to do: Jeep Safari, Jungle Safari, Trekking, explore Bandhavgarh Ancient Caves, etc.

  1. Nagarjunsagar-Srisailam Tiger Reserve, Andhra Pradesh

Nagarjunsagar-Srisailam Tiger Reserve is the country’s largest tiger reserve, established in 1983. This beautiful Tiger Reserve is not only home to Bengal Tigers but also sloth bears, leopards, and a variety of reptiles. The reserve has rich flora and fauna, and you will find ancient temples and reservoirs. Among the ancient temples here, it contains one of India’s eighteen Maha Shakthi peetha. The place is ideal for both adventure and history lovers.

Things to do: Jeep Safari, Temple visits, walk by Pathala Ganga, visit Srisailam Dam, and more.

  1. Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve, Maharashtra

Yet another place to witness this magnificent beast basing under the sun or sitting leisurely with a streak of tigers. The national park is now much more accessible due to the upgradation of state highways. Yet the reserve is less crowded, offering you a close and personal spot with tigers. You can spot other wildlife residents, such as leopards, sloths, and bird species.Book self-drive cars in Mumbai or Pune to travel to this place filled with adventure.

Things to do: Jeep Safari, Boating, Nature Walk, A Day with the Tribes and more.

  1. Sundarban Tiger Reserve, West Bengal

Imagine the view of Royal Bengal Tiger(s) lurking in magnificent mangrove forests and other residents of forests, making it an ideal safari experience. The view can only be witnessed at Sundarban Tiger Reserve, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and home to Royal Bengal Tigers. Sundarban is the top tiger reserve in the country that attracts many tourists across the globe. It was established in 1984 and houses around 400 tigers and around 248 species of birds.

Things to do: Jeep Safari, Boat Ride, Camping, Spot River Dolphins, Nature Walk and Photography, Tour of Local Village, and Bird Watching.

  1. Manas National Park, Assam

The UNESCO-listed Manas National Park is a tiger reserve under Project Tiger. The national park is embodied by grasslands and lowland forests and is home to tigers, one-horned rhinos, elephants, water buffalo, leopards, and over 475 species of birds. A jungle safari here will be a fantastic experience of witnessing interesting wildlife.

Things to do: Jeep Safari, Elephant Safari, Bird Watching, River Rafting, Picnic at Bogamati Picnic Spot, etc.

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