#Monsoon: 5 Car Care Tips for the Raining Season

What is better than rainy days after scorching hot Indian summer days?

Monsoon season is a calm spell we all need and enjoy with chai, long drives, and old Hindi songs. But the rainy season also comes with road clogging, traffic jams, and the risk of mud, dirt, and water accumulation in your car. Yes, rains can be harsh to your vehicle, and it is essential to keep it safe for longevity.

For many smooth rides, keep your car safe every season. Here are five car care tips to follow during monsoon.

#1 Car Covers are a Big No

To save your car from mud, dirt, and rainwater, you must be thinking of a car cover. Car covers are not a great idea on rainy days as they may stick to the coat of protective paint and peel the paint off when you remove the cover. Applying a coat of exterior protection protects your car paint from contaminated rainwater.

#2 Clean It Up!

Always clean your car’s exterior and interior after every drive to eliminate dust, dirt, debris, and other contaminants that can cause damage or rust. The primary concerns are under the bonnet and boot, where you can find leaves, twigs, and even moisture. Use newspapers and lay them down on the floor mats. Newspapers absorb dirt and moisture, are inexpensive and are easy to clean or replace.

#3 Give Attention to Underbody Too

Cleaning up the exteriors and interiors of the car isn’t enough; the underbody needs attention too. The vehicle’s underbody is made of metal and is fully exposed to water, dirt, and other elements. It is essential to keep that area clean and rust-free. Also, keep the window and windshield clear for safety and freshness. Defogging the window helps you to drive better in the rain.

#4 Keep the Interiors Dry & Fresh

Rains mean moisture build-up that leads to odour and an unpleasant environment in your car. Place a large towel, microfiber cloth, or waterproof covers on the seat, so it soaks all the moisture and won’t let it transfer to the car seats and prevent odour. You can use a steering wheel, dashboard, and gear knob cover.

#5 Secure Electrical Parts for Complete Safety

Electrical parts and water are terrible and should be protected even in your cars. During monsoon, water clogging is expected, which could also enter your vehicle. It is essential to cover electric parts, check for loose wire, and fix any open electrical components. Use electric tape of plastic gears to protect it or take your vehicle for service and keep your family safe.

Rains are beautiful, and these tips make them more enjoyable instead of a hassle. Enjoy monsoon to the fullest, drive safely, and take care of your car’s health every season.

Happy Monsoon!

Happy Driving!

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