Ramadan Mubarak: Bring Home Brand New Car with Myles Zero Car Subscription this Holy Month

The month of Ramadan holds a major significance for Muslims. It is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar (Hijra), where Muslims observe fast between the Fajr and Maghrib prayers (sunrise to sunset) and do not consume any liquid or food. The sacred month of fasting, prayer, and introspection also calls for bringing home new things to prepare oneself for EID, like clothes, jewellery, a car, and more.

Ramadan marks an ideal month to bring home your dream car with Myles Car Subscription. Getting a car on subscription is convenient, cost-effective, flexible, and comes with zero conditions.

Bring Home your Dream Car

We Indian always thrive on some beliefs like getting new things on a certain occasion, and nothing is better than the sacred month of Ramadan to buy your new car through a subscription. Car Subscription is a smart way of traditional car buying system without breaking the bank. This holy month save more on your new car and invest the money to help the needy.

Why Car Subscription?

Car ownership comes with a lifetime of commitment, while a subscription gives you the freedom of ownership. Moreover, no one would say No to the flexibility when it comes to buying a car and keeping it. The plan offers customers access to a vehicle in lieu of a monthly fee that covers many benefits and expenses.

  • Own a Car at your Terms

One of the biggest perquisites and highlights of a car subscription plan is the flexibility of ownership. Unlike the traditional car-buying system, a car subscription lets you change the car. Yes, you heard it right, you can change the car every year. The subscription plan offers you the flexibility of owning your dream car for a tenure that starts between 6 months to 60 months, and you can change, upgrade and return the vehicle when you want.

  • Moving to New City Made Easy

A car subscription model is ideal for everyone in today’s uncertain world. However, it is the best choice for those who love to change their cars more often and travel to cities for work or business. If you opt for a car subscription, you save a lot on transporting the vehicle every time you move to a new city. The subscription model proves to be an affordable and hassle-free mobility solution.

  • Starting with ZERO

Why do we say a car subscription plan is all about zero? Because it offers zero conditions, zero ownership hassle, and involves no hefty down payment, bank loan, and EMIs. The subscriber needs to select a car, choose a tenure, upload documents, make the payment, and receive their car at the doorstep in lieu of a monthly fee. You do not have to visit the showroom to choose an ideal vehicle or sign a lot of paperwork. The subscription model makes things easy.

  • Let’s save for Ramadan Grants & Offering

A car subscription comes with zero hassle that involves zero down payment, bank loans, EMIs, no hefty paperwork, and much more. In a car subscription model, the subscriber does not have to pay down payment or go for bank loans. The access to the vehicle is provided against the fixed monthly fee, which is cost-effective, allows you to own a dream car at affordable prices, and the charges cover other expenses. It saves you a lot of money.

  • How about Inclusivity and Customization?

With flexibility in ownership and other facilities, car buying through subscription becomes more convenient. It comes with zero conditions and offers customization and inclusivity to the subscribers. You can avail of tailored services and pay a monthly fee accordingly, covering maintenance charges, insurance fees, roadside assistance, registration fee, and more. A car subscription plan comes with an all-inclusive plan.

  • Prepare yourself for Eid

Bringing home your new car through subscription during Ramadan is auspicious, proves to be cost-efficient, gets you great deals, and prepares you for the big festivity. Getting your vehicle is convenient for daily commuting, visiting relatives, shopping, or travelling to your favourite holiday destination. So get yours this month and sort your Eid plans well in advance.

Choose this convenient way of bringing home your dream car and set a voyage to endless memorable journeys. Car Subscription is the new age way of owning a vehicle in this rapidly changing world.

Happy Driving!