Top 10 Bollywood-Inspired Road Trips You Must Plan In 2020

10 Bollywood-Inspired Road Trips You Must Plan In 2020

Bollywood, since time immemorial, has ruled the hearts of the people of our country. From mimicking iconic dialogues to aping fashion trends, fanatics who worship movie stars swear by them all their life. Every once in a while comes a Bollywood movie where the hero sets out on the road in order to ‘discover’ himself or herself.

Here are 10 movies from which you can draw inspiration, and go on road-trips of your own.


Dil Chahta Hai


This iconic movie was not a road trip movie per se, but it is etched in the memories of everyone who could relate to its theme of ever-lasting friendships. 3 best friends having the time of their life while driving on the road is the best that can happen to your friends and you, right?

From Mumbai to Goa via NH17

Distance 590 km

Time 10.5 hours




The terrifically-shot movie across the Haryana, Delhi, Rajasthan and Himachal hinterland is one for the purists of travel.

From Delhi to Naldahera (round-trip)

Distance 700 km | Time 12 hours




Imagine driving from one end of a country as vast as India to the other. This is what Piku achieved, taking the viewers on a journey from the west to the east, all the while serving nostalgia.

From Delhi to Kolkata via NH19

Distance 1500 km | Time 23 hours


3 Idiots


The quintessential movie for all the engineers across the nation, 3 Idiots is famous for turning the pristine Pangong Lake into a frequently-thronged tourist spot.

From Delhi to Ladakh via Manali-Leh Highway

Distance Over 1000 km | Time Depends on the road




This underrated movie is a visual treat, and you can experience it for real by travelling across Rajasthan’s majestic landscape. Make sure your journey culminates at the glorious Rann of Kutch.

From Delhi to Jaisalmer via NH11

Distance 750 km | Time 13.5 hours


Jab We Met


Everyone’s favourite movie of recent times, the feel-good Jab We Met was another tale of lives crossing each other on the road. Take this unique road trip on your own, and who knows, perhaps you’ll meet someone special too!

From  Bathinda to Manali via NH 3

Distance 470 km | Time 10.25 hours


Finding Fanny


Everyone knows Goa as the ultimate party destination in India, but few explore its myriad and untouched landscapes, especially the interiors.

From North to South Goa

Distance 75 km | Time 1.75 hours



While all of the above-mentioned movies revolve around trips in India, we could not leave out a few notable mentions which would make you want to travel abroad.


Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara


The epitome of travel movies, as it is often called, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara takes you into the heart of the celebrated Spanish culture and festivals. The rustic locations and the grandeur of the countryside and the beaches will blow you away.

From Barcelona to Pamplona, Spain (via Bunol and Seville)

Distance 480 km | Time 4.5 hours




This popular film was splendidly shot across the French island of Corsica, and where ‘French’ is mentioned, we rather not mention anything else!

From Bastia to Bonifacio, Corsica (via Ajaccio)

Distance 265 km | Time 5 hours




This critically-acclaimed movie about an under-confident girl reincarnating into something else entirely due to a solo trip in Europe is what travellers swear by. Time for your own self-discovery, then?

From Paris to Amsterdam via A1

Distance 503 km | Time 5.25 hours


Happy journeys, people!