Why Speed Limit Is Necessary

A speed limit is necessary for 2 reasons.

First and most important reason is the safety of the driver. According to our data of the past 2 years and various studies conducted by independent research and road safety agencies, high speed driving and Drunken driving are the most important reason for accidents on the roads.

Our internal also data suggests that most of the accidents have occurred due to over speeding.

The second reason is the general well being and longevity of the life of the car. We at Myles always want to provide the best quality of cars to our customers for the longest period of time. Continuous high speed driving, leads to extensive wear and tear of the cars which in-turn makes them unfit for driving quicker than we would like to keep them for. This is the long run affects the lifetime cost of keeping the car and increases the price at which we will be able to provide these cars to our customers.


Happy travelling.