Why does a booking get cancelled?

Cancellations are rare and we understand how frustrating they are for the members. While Myles has the necessary steps in place, we’re forced to cancel some bookings only due to unavoidable circumstances.  Let us understand why.


At Myles, we allow for only 95% of our fleet to get booked at any given point of time. The balance 5% of the fleet is kept at a back up fleet. This is used to serve 2 kinds of needs.

1. When a returning car which was assigned for future bookings meets an accident.

2. When a car that was to be returned by a customer as per a scheduled time does not return on time because the customer’s plans get modified because of any emergency.

In each of the above cases, the back-up fleet is used to serve customers who have made reservations with us and whose booking was assigned to a car which either met with an accident or was not returned on time.

This instant we get information about such a situation, we find the nearest available car from the same model or category as booked by the customer to provide them a ready vehicle at the time of their booking.

In case of instances where the number of accidents/extensions on the booked fleet exceeds 5%, we need to cancel a reservation. Our average estimation of such cases remains 5% and we keep changing this percentage based on a weekly review of these numbers from every city, car category and sub-location.