ways to make your first road trip memorable

5 fun ways to make your first road trip memorable

Comfort, convenience and adventure are what we all desire from road trips. While it is an undeniable fact that air travel might get you faster wherever you want, but the sheer thrill and excitement of being on the open road is hard to match and nonpareil. We all have our own ways to make road trips even greater and this can be achieved with a few tweaks to the standard approach of traveling by a car.

While the simplest strategy is to grab a couple of friends and roll along the twisty tracks that lead to awe-inspiring destinations, we wish you have ultimate fun from your road trip and breathe in the wonders of the splendid sights that surround at your own pace.

Here is how to make your road trip a fine experience of ultimate fun –

 Sing along the tunes, picked wisely

Music is a joyful companion in all road trips. It makes every second spend on the road count, with a melodious serving of bliss. Rolling down the windows and whistling along the joyful tracks will let you immerse in the true pleasure of a road trip.

Capture the memories to cherish

Smart phones have relieved you from the hassles of carrying a dedicated camera and you get to capture all the awe-inspiring sights around you. Travel leads to fantastic adventures and memories to cherish for a lifetime. Be sure you don’t miss out on any fun and have your gadgets charged and ready to save your joyful moments on the trot.

The journey is as important as reaching the destination

Travel and road trips are not just about the destination. It is the journey that counts too. It is a sum of the fantastic adventures and moments that lead you to a time of ultimate pleasure and bliss. So, if you like a place during your road trip, make sure you stop by.

Eat light and stay awake

Bulking on extra calories can stimulate the body to release tryptophan, a sleep inducing amino acid. Driving after having a big meal can upset your gastric senses and trouble the digestive system. Thus, it is advised to eat light for staying awake and fresh till the journey lasts.

Mark your to-do’s on the map

Having an elaborate map of the drive destination and the roads that lead you there will help you identify the interesting spots you should never miss to witness. A bit of planning never hurts and this way you can get to see the most of what lies around without having to waste any time.

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