It’s often joked that people would rather get their root canals done then engages in the process of buying a car. There are many pain areas when buying a car, Lets discuss some of these.


There is a lot of research required to understand what vehicle you want and what type of features that car is offering. The car which people desire and make their mind about is often different from what their requirement and need for car is.

There are so many different features and models of cars that are available in the market. It is necessary to understand cars, their parts and other functions associated with it. This requires a lot of time and efforts on the part of customers.

Myles cars provide assistance to the customers with car discovery by understanding their needs and demands and help them with subscription with seamless car ownership.


Another pain point which you can feel is the cost of a car and how to afford it. Financing a car requires efforts and need the verification from financial institutions and heavy down payment.

The requirement of a lump sum amount is a worrying point for many salaried employees in India who make their expenses based on their monthly salary. Myles cars provides Smart Subscription to own a car without the worries of down payment.


Registration of a car and other paperwork is a big hassle and require efforts on the part of people. Even when financing a car or going for a lease, there are a lot of formalities and verifications included which is a hassle. Many a times, the paperwork contains jargons and terms and conditions which are not easily understandable. Thus, this becomes another pain area for the people.

Myles cars provide an easy verification process where there are no unnecessary formalities and paperwork. The company aims at providing the best customer support to the people.


It’s not exactly the most pleasant experience, buying a new car. One of the main factors in this process is the maintenance cost associated with car buying. It’s something almost every buyer should consider before making a big purchase like this. This is especially true if you’re considering buying from large retailers.

Even though it may seem like you can get cheaper prices on services, something like oil changes or other basic maintenance still requires money to be spent on hiring technicians who will fix your car over time.

With Myles subscription, this process can be easier as it provides 24/7 roadside assistance, maintenance and insurance cost with only the monthly subscription fee.


Nothing is more important in your life than the car you drive. Cars are expensive, and as we all know, they don’t come cheap. Thus, many people think a lot before buying a car and once bought, it’s very difficult to change or sell it. Car is a depreciating asset and every year, the value of it reduces with use.

Therefore, the commitment and loyalty with the vehicle is one thing which is obligatory for the people even when they want to change it with the new model.

Myles cars provides you with an opportunity to change your car every year and with no ownership obligations associated with it.

Subscribe today and get your car from Myles cars for the best customer services and to avoid all the pain points associated with the car buying.

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