If you have read many car reviews, you must have heard the term “car ownership” a lot.

This term is used to describe the burden of owning a vehicle and the obligations that come with it. It is possible that now owning a car may not be your ideal choice. With the rise of subscription services for almost everything, including transportation and other goods, the subscription era has arrived offering greater ease and advantages over traditional buying.

Let’s go through it together.


A subscription helps in better management of your finances. There is no worry about the down payment and other lump sum payments.

As the monthly subscription fee is fixed, it is easy to calculate your expenses and manage your finances. You can get the same features and benefits of a new car with a subscription. A subscription also allows you to take advantage of perks like free maintenance and roadside assistance.

Subscriptions are available for both new and used cars. They offer almost same benefits as buying a new car at an affordable price. Myles cars provide smart subscription plans to subscribe to a car and better manage your finances.


As the technology is continuously evolving and lifestyles are changing, owning an asset has become a hassle for people. Buying a car requires not only a heavy down payment but also the cost of depreciation with each passing year.  Subscription cancels out the entire ownership obligation and provides the benefits of owning a car without any worries about the costs and efforts associated with it.

With a Myles cars subscription, you can change your car every year with changing technology and models and keep up with trends without any further commitments.


Do you also feel that car is an asset that comes with heavy management cost associated with it? You may be right!

Buying a car adds up an obligation to manage it and adds up to hassles and worries about maintenance and registration. With Myles Subscription, all these management worries are mitigated as the subscription fee covers the insurance cost, maintenance cost, and other value-added costs associated with car management.

Registration of cars and other paperwork associated with loans and EMIs can be avoided with car subscription which is among the major issue with car buying.


One thing that is associated with car buying is the liability of taking care of the car for as long as you don’t decide to sell it off.

As buying a car requires a huge cost, thus, changing it frequently is not possible. Many people finance a car that comes with EMIs and the down payment associated with it.

A car subscription provides an easy solution to the problem. With flexible subscription tenure, you can have a car for a month, a year, or more. This allows customers to change their car as per their needs without any commitments or obligations associated with it.


Buying a car adds to the responsibility of the owner and thus, selling it at a reasonable and expected price becomes difficult.

With buying a car, there comes an obligation to manage and drive the vehicle for a long time. Myles subscription provides an easy and transparent exit to the customers where they can buy back the car, change to a different car or simply end their subscription.

This gives the choice to the customers and thus, they feel less burdened about asset ownership.

Subscribe to Myles cars and take all the advantages that subscription offers over car buying!!

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