How a Tech platform-Myles, is making car buying easy?

Technology has become an important part of our life and people expect their work to be done through a simple click. Myles offers the customers an online platform to subscribe to a car with zero hassles. With minimal paper work and easy registration process, car buying has become easy and hassle-free without the worry of ownership commitments.

The company is steadily changing the way the Indian consumers approach car ownership by delivering greater flexibility, convenience and lower financial burden through the most tailored self-drive automobile solutions.
With a few clicks on the mobile, one can now drive away with a car of their choice for a monthly price, which includes all the hidden cost associated with car maintenance. This being a fraction of the cost of actually owning a car across categories, we see the product changing the car usage patterns of the young urban populations.

With changing trends and customer values, car buying industry is also changing. Digitalization has brought disruption in the automotive industry. Myles provides a subscription platform for interested customers who are early adopters and want to change their car frequently.

Car buying has become easy through subscription where there is no lengthy process of registration, loan and insurance. With subscription, a simple monthly fee can cover all the maintenance issues related to a car like road-side assistance, insurance cost, and ownership obligation and in SMEs & other cases can provide tax paying benefits to people.

Traditional car buying requires down payment, loan agreements, registration charges and the process goes on. Along with that one has to consider the best site, the best time and also the best way to buy a car. These hassles and time consumption as well as stress of maintenance can all be avoided through car subscription.

Myles has made car buying easy by providing a one-stop solutions for all things cars. Subscribe today to have hassle-free car ownership!

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