5 Ways to Prevent Road Rage and Violence while Driving

Driving comes with a lot of responsibility, as you need to take care of road rules, other drivers, your vehicle, and more. But driving on the roads of India can be a stressful experience. Indian roads are known for road rage incidents and aggressive driving. Many studies have shown how aggressive driving has led to road accidents and other damages in the past few years.

Road Rage in India

In many studies, it has been found that most of the Road Rage incidents occur in India, and most drivers feel Road Rage because it is a pattern. Not just accidents, road rage cases in India are also causing people to kill each other, and it needs to be changed.

The country has been known for witnessing more than 1 lakh deaths per year due to road accidents. A report by NCRB claims there were 4.09 lakh cases of road rage and rash driving pan Indian in 2014. The report further observed that at least 4.79 lakh people were injured due to these cases.

Road rage refers to violent incidents resulting from stress and multiple psychological factors while driving in high-traffic areas or on roadways.

How to Prevent Road Rage and Violence?

While driving in India, one should be very careful because a minor scratch cab leads to a full-scale battle. If the situation gets worse, it can be life-threatening. Here are five ways that help to prevent road rage and violence while driving.

  1. Music and Sleep are your Friends

It is the best way to keep your mind calm amidst stressful situations. Driving without sufficient sleep or rest can lead to quick anger build-up and irritability. Sleepiness is dangerous; it makes anyone more susceptible to incidents of road rage.  The other thing that can help you in a stressful road situation is music. Soothing music helps you when you start to feel stressed, angry, and frustrated.

  1. Keep Distance to be Safe

It is always important to remember the road sharing mentality, especially in traffic. Know that everyone around you is also stuck and waiting. You need to maintain a specific behaviour and distance that keep conditions better and safe for all drivers. Aggressive driving, driving-to-close, and irritational behaviour can cause accidents or fights between two or more drivers.

  1. Be aware of Triggers and Obscene Gestures

You need to recognize and acknowledge the kind of behaviour that triggers you while you’re on the road. It can be anything- the traffic, driving-specific situation, issue outside the car or driver’s behaviour. Note that you stay angry amidst certain situations for how long you stay mad and try to avoid certain conditions by applying a positive approach. If you showcase irritational or angry behaviour while driving, it might be possible the other driver may push you towards it as well. This leads to remove the focus from the road and creates a safety hazard.

  1. Punctuality is the Key

Whether you are driving from home to work or back on a car rental, cab, or vehicle, running late can easily frustrate anybody. The stress of getting late to work or for a necessary party can make you extra irritational. It will help if you accept that being on the road comes with traffic and red lights. Relax and try to leave earlier to go places.

  1. Avoid Road Ragers

You are at no fault at times, but certain people might cause a stir and push you off-limits. It is always better to avoid certain conditions and road ragers. You should:

  • drive carefully maintaining space
  • honk only when required
  • avoid venting out. It leads to frustration build-up and flights
  • ignore obscene gestures or yelling at them from inside the car
  • don’t be afraid to report any such incident to the concerned authorities.

Road Rage incidents are common in the country, from small fights to life or property damage. It is advised to hold your calm in the moment of rage and avoid unfortunate situations.

Drive Safe! Drive Carefully!

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