How to Plan First Solo Trip

6 Things to Keep In Mind When Planning Your First Solo Trip

“As you move outside of your comfort zone, what was once the unknown and frightening becomes your new normal” – Robin S. Sharma

Traveling solo is a one-of-a-kind experience. It takes you out of your shell and frees you from the dependency on others when traveling. Solo traveling is a chance for you to break free and move out of your comfort zone. It’s challenging yet thrilling at the same time. You learn a lot about a new place as well as about yourself.

All of that sounds adventurous and exciting, right? However, the truth is that many of us still find it quite daunting. The thought of traveling solo arouses many questions in our minds. Is it safe enough? Will I be able to manage? Is it going to be boring? What is it worth? ……..and the list is never ending.

So, what’s the solution? Well, ‘Just Go For It’!

Unnecessary anxiety before traveling solo will only make the situation worse. Remember that overthinking will destroy all fun that awaits you. What’s advisable is to tell yourself that you can do it. Allow yourself to be a little spontaneous and just go with the flow.

To help you plan your first solo trip we have shortlisted a few quick tips. Follow them and prepare yourself for your first ever solo trip.

Pick a place that makes your comfortable

How to plan first solo trip
Traveling solo is always associated with stepping out of your comfort zone, so what do we mean by picking a place you are comfortable going to? The thing is it’s not necessary that you have to choose a place that is less crowded and offbeat. You can decide to go to any popular tourist destination or visit a place you are a little bit familiar with (because there is always scope for more exploration). The idea is to be at ease and in peace with yourself since you are already moving out of your comfort zone by traveling solo.

Map out your travel plan in advance

How to plan first solo trip
To dodge unnecessary headaches while you are traveling, it is better to research and make the travel plan before you head on to the journey. Read about the place online or get some books. Make a list of the places you would like to visit (of course, you should leave some space for random exploration). Book a hotel only after reading the reviews (do not skip this step, after all, safety comes first). Choose the mode of transportation you would like to opt for to reach the destination and make the bookings accordingly. To dig deep, read a few blogs written by popular travel bloggers about the place you are visiting (nothing beats the information that you get from someone else’s experience)

Make a checklist

How to plan first solo trip

Prepare a quick checklist to ensure that you don’t miss out on anything. You can make it on your phone or use a diary instead. List out everything – hotel bookings, travel bookings, places to visit, things to carry, etc. – then check out each one of them one by one. The trick is to be as sorted as possible before you start your journey towards the unknown.

Keep your friends and family updated during the travel

How to plan first solo trip
Staying in touch with your friends and family during your solo travel is an absolute must. Ensure at least one person back home is aware of your whereabouts. Carry a power bank to keep your phone up and running always. In case, there is a network issue in the area, visit the local phone booth and talk to your people. Also, share the hotel number with them (just in case you know).

Pack Light

How to plan first solo trip

The things you carry for your trip depends mainly on the destination, weather conditions, and duration of the holiday. However, the rule is always the same and constant – pack as light as you can. Why? The less stuff you pack, the easier and quicker will it be for you to move from one place to another. Pack miniature versions of toiletries and necessary accessories. Avoid carrying valuables, so that you don’t waste time fretting about the safety of your bag.

It’s better to be safe than sorry

How to plan first solo trip
Try not sharing with random strangers that you are traveling alone unless it is absolutely necessary. Trust your instincts more than anybody else. Avoid going to sketchy places alone. Preferably use public transport. Always keep pepper spray handy.

Lastly, traveling alone might sound scary, but it will be the most liberating experience of your lifetime.

Happy Solo Travelling!

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