Beat the Heat: 7 Tips to Keep Your Car Cool This Summer

Summers are the longest season in India, and this year the temperature is breaking all the records. It is becoming hard to spend a few moments out in the open. The scorcher outside is impacting badly even the temperature of our cars. Entering a vehicle is never a pleasant experience when the heat level is uncomfortably high inside.

So this season, don’t let summer take a toll on your beloved set of wheels and follow these quick car care tips that help keep it cool.

Park Smart

On a day when it’s unbearably hot outside, a shady place is a big relief for parking and makes your car comfortable to return to. If you are away from home, parking smart is important- beneath some trees or in the shade of a building. It keeps your vehicle cooler and is worth walking extra. Remember that you don’t park in a secluded area if the neighbourhood isn’t safe. Also, keep account of the time and where you have parked the place because it might not be shady at 4 pm if it was at 11 am.

Use a Windshield Sun Shade

Put in some extra effort to keep your car cool this summer. Start with the tried and tested method of using a windshield or sunshade. Sunshades and window visors effectively keep your vehicle from becoming a hot box and don’t cost much. They are available online or at the nearest car accessory shop. It is advised to put a sunshade or windshield every time you park your car under the sun. These gears help prevent the greenhouse effect and ensure car interiors stay cool.

Cover your Interior

Covering the windshield isn’t enough; you need to take equal care of your car’s interior. Start with covering your dashboard to prevent it from heating up. The dashboard covers protect it from losing texture or colour due to excessive heat. Next is covering up the steering wheel to keep the surface temperature under a check. The last one is to cover your car seats if they are of vinyl or leather. If your car is supposed to be parked under the sun for long, keep delicate items out of the direct heat or store them in the glove box.

Keep Windows Slightly Cracked

Another tried and tested method to keep your car cool this summer is by leaving a car’s windows, or sunroof cracked open slightly. It is an easy way to manage the temperature as it helps with ventilation to let the hot air escapes the car interior. Ensure the windows are not opened wide to let a thief miscreant slip their hand inside your car and unlock it.

Get Solar Fans & your Air-Conditioner Serviced

Get your car’s air-conditioner serviced. It will help you efficiently cool the car in the summer season, especially if parked under the sun. A clogged filter or low refrigerant gas reduces the cooling performance. Another thing you can use is a solar fan that can be easily placed on the windows and help keep the car cabin cool.

Park in Garage When Possible

Park your car in the garage or basement parking when possible. Your car is almost out in the sun, and parking it in the garage is a big relief even if the place is warm. A garage or proper shady parking place is always better, even if you need to park for a short duration.

Invest in Good Gadget and Protection Gears

Whether you cover your car or use windshield visors and other protection gears, it only works if you use quality products. It is important to invest in good gadgets and protection gears. You will find comprehensive options online nowadays, and based on reviews, choose the best for your beloved four wheels.

Every season, taking care of your car is important and requires a little effort. It will offer you comfortable rides for years. You can always get your dream four wheels on the subscription, which saves you a lot of money, especially with a down payment and routine maintenance.