Budgeted Car Subscription Options to Choose in India

Car subscription is the alternative and practical way of buying a car. In the last couple of years, a car subscription has been making its way in the Indian market, an entirely different market and not easily up for the change in trend when it comes to buying a car. Gone are those days when you were confined to investing your savings on a down payment or taking a loan to buy a car.

At the present day, owning a car or upgrading one is more accessible and affordable. Thanks to better options and a wide variety of fleets available with car subscription providers like Myles. Here we list a few options to get a subscribed car on a budget and other ways to cut car ownership costs.

Long Term Subscription- Saves a lot!

The subscription model is not only for those who don’t own a car or have savings for the down payment.  Car Subscription is also for those who travel a lot or migrate to different cities for work. The concept of car subscription saves them from transporting their car every time they move to a new place. It is an affordable, reliable, and hassle-free mobility solution. To make it more flexible, the agencies provide the option of short-term and long-term subscriptions.

Both types have its requirement among customers and pros and cons. But if we talk about budgeted car subscriptions, then the long-term option is always affordable.

  • You pay the tenure, drive the car, and switch between the models if you don’t like it.
  • Flexible payment and bigger offers are what long-term subscriptions are known for.
  • You always get better monthly fee quotations for long-term subscription plans.
  • Other benefits like more comprehensive fleet options, closer attention as a customer, and other additional services are being provided.

Budget Car Options- For an Affordable Subscription

The concept of car subscription is rapidly growing in the Indian market. Both individuals and corporate are opting for this alternative option of vehicle ownership. Still, some people think that a car subscription is an expensive choice.

Car Subscription is an all-inclusive package deal that covers the vehicle ownership expenses under the monthly fee. The fee depends on the car model and tenure you are choosing. There are a number of fleets available at car rental service providers to get a car subscription on budget.

We list a few best fleet options for an affordable car subscription.

  1. Maruti Wagon R

With great power comes great style and affordability too. Wagon R is one of the most affordable car options to get on a subscription. It looks attractive, sturdy, and good sitting space for a nuclear family.

  1. Tata Tiago

Another great addition to the family of 5-seater Hatchback is Tata’s Tiago. The car is available with Manual and Automatic transmission. You can get whatever variant and fuel type you require.

  1. Maruti Celerio

Next on the list is Maruti Celerio with Automatic & Manual Transmission and has one petrol engine. This Maruti car has power steering, an anti-lock braking system, alloy wheels, and everything an ideal car you think for yourself.

  1. Renault Kwid

The chic-looking car Renault Kwid is a budgeted and highest-selling car on subscription. It is safe and loaded with seamlessly integrated smart features. The vehicle gives you a whole new on-road experience. Get ready for exciting road trips.

  1. Maruti Alto

One of the most inexpensive and highly budgeted car options on subscription is Maruti Alto. This car offers a hassle-free experience and is fuel-efficient. The vehicles come with compact dimensions, reliable engines, low maintenance, and more.

  1. Datsun redi-GO

Datsun redi-Go is another budgeted car to subscribe to. It is ideal for those who are looking for a stylish hatchback with comfort and convenience. redi-Go comes in multiple charming colours.

  1. Maruti S-Presso

Maruti S-Presso is a bigger hatchback car with a bigger wheelbase and great looks. The car comes in five models and unique colours to choose from. It is definitely good buy a car on subscription, and you can upgrade between models anytime.

*These cars range between 15000-35000/month on car subscription.

All-Inclusive Package- Get Best Deals

Car Subscription Model comes with an all-inclusive package deal. Subscribers get full access to the vehicle in lieu of a monthly fee. Car Subscribers need to pay an an-inclusive monthly payment that covers the entire cost of maintenance, insurance, roadside assistance, and other vehicle service charges. Make sure you grab the best deals while subscribing to a car, and always check with your agency for the additional services they can provide.

Switch to a flexible car ownership model with a car subscription and quit the worry that comes with vehicle buying.

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