#FestiveReady: Get your Self-Drive and Shop for Festive Season to Avoid Last Minute Rush

The festive season is around the corner; it marks the most prominent season for shopping and vacations. October to December is a peak time for us to shop for Ganesh Puja, Navratri, Durga Puja, Diwali, Christmas, and New Year. You must be thinking it’s too early to start your festive season shopping spree.

It is challenging to shop amidst the pandemic, and most of us choose to shop online these days. But one fact we can’t deny is that offline shopping is real fun. To enjoy the festive season at best, and shop with safety, book your Myles.

Avoid last-minute rush with Myles Self-drive car and shop for festive season risk-free.

Why book a self-drive car for the festive season?

Get festive ready, avail heavy retail discounts on your favourite brands and shop in your self-drive with utmost comfort.

Stop Anywhere and Shop

Be festive ready and do a lot of shopping!

When we go shopping, we often feel the need to stop at one shop and the other. A few short trips to the local market or mall are part of your shopping spree. Asking your taxi driver to stop after every one hour or less can be a little annoying. Also, you can’t do this while travelling on public transport. However, a self-drive car allows you to show freely and take as many as stops- long or short. With self-drive, take complete control of your trip.

Shop with Safety

Amidst the pandemic, it is advised to stay at home and, even if you’re going out, follow COVID safety measures. But during the festive season, we all want to shop, meet friends, and enjoy to the fullest. Do it smartly with a self-drive car and shop safely. Using public transportation in the current scenario can be risky. Myles self-drive ensures a level of safety by offering you sanitised and clean vehicles.

Partner to Hold Shopping Bags

It is tough to travel on public transportation with a lot of shopping bags. It is also very tiring to board the metro or wait for a cab after a long day. Self-drive can be your best travel and shopping partner and has enough space to hold your shopping bags, and we bet there will be a lot of it. Get festive ready, book a self-drive car, enjoy your day shopping and avoid the last-minute hassle.

Quick and Prioritise Privacy

Having a personal vehicle help when you have to travel or to run errands the whole day. A self-drive car rental offers comfortable, easy and quick rides anytime and every time. Moreover, it is your vehicle that assures privacy. Even if you hire a car for the short or long term, a self-drive car is always about zero interruption to your music and conversation.

It’s Festively Affordable

The festive season is all about fun and enjoyment, and it is about amazing deals and discounts on everything. You can save a lot during festivals if you begin your shopping at the right time. Save money on your car rental service, and make it a festive-affordable deal. Book a self-drive car during the festival season for shopping or weekend trips, and enjoy endless discounts and benefits.

Myles self-drive car is available in all the major cities in the country. Book your ride and get festive ready with your vehicle.