Myles makes its way, as Ladakh reopens its gateway!


Ladakh is prudently called as the traveller’s dreamland, drawn with massive lakes, high altitude ranges, deep valleys and ecstatic scenic trails. Also known as the ‘land of high passes’ Ladakh is famous for facilitating the best adventure sports. No other destination arrives even close while talking about the thrill and excitement that is on offer at Ladakh.

You have so much to do in there; from mountain biking to trekking, from river rafting to camping; each and everything you’re going to try will give you goosebumps. Since the gateway to Ladakh is open now so, Myles suggests you to self-drive for an enthralling escapade to this wonderful place. You can easily book a Myles self-drive SUV car from Delhi or Chandigarh and rustle against the most adventurous roads of the country.

Ladakh also places itself as an accommodation to various communities and cultures. This interesting diversity is on full display during festivals, with each being marked by cultural processions, ceremonies, traditional dance and music, and most exciting of all, their masked dances. Talking about festivals in Ladakh and not mentioning about the grand festival of Losar wouldn’t be fair. Celebrated to mark the onset of the New Year, this festival is marked by various kinds of cultural events, rituals and exciting performances. The celebrations here are marked by the lighting of the holy fire, chanting of mantras and donning of colorful robes. The entire scene is breath-taking.

Another festival, Sindhu Darshan which is also known as Guru Purnima, is one of the most colorful festivals of Ladakh. This major event seeks to commemorate the Indus River, as it’s commonly believed by the locals that this river plays a crucial role in creating bonds of love and friendship between the various cultural groups and communities in India. Other than the festivals, Ladakh has ample of lands where heaven seems to meet the earth. The land where the lakes appear to be dyed in blue and the mountains coated with a dash of red. The ancient monasteries stand on rocky outcrops, their echoes reverberating in the thin air.

The entire stretch of Manali Leh highway, extending to 470 km, is strewn with captivating sights.  So while you will self-drive on the road, you will get the feeling of standing shoulder-to-shoulder with soaring mountain peaks. Rows of perfectly polished brown hills will greet you after every few miles. Amusingly, a bemused passerby greets you apprehensively, wondering about the nature of your presence. Naturally, camping in this “land of passes” is the closest experience of paradise one can get. However, its relative isolation, combined with its unfamiliar altitude, can be quite daunting. Naturally, there are a few things to know before camping on Manali Leh highway. This blog familiarizes you with all the necessary information regarding a camping trip on this route.