Tata Harrier V/S XUV 700: Know which is better?

The Tata Harrier stands out as a bold and versatile SUV that caters to those seeking a combination of style, performance, and modern amenities. With its distinctive design, spacious interior, and strong performance, the Harrier comes in 25 different variants where the price for the base model, i.e., Harrier Smart starts at Rs. 15.49 lakh, and the top model price goes up to Rs. 26.44 lakh. With price ranges for everyone, it also gives 7 different color options to match your personality.


  1. Top-Notch Safety Features

The Tata Harrier proudly earns a five-star safety rating from Global NCAP, highlighting its unwavering commitment to passenger protection.

  1. Stylish and spacious Design

Undergoing a significant styling overhaul, the Tata Harrier now presents an even more impressive appearance. The second row, now slightly wider, comfortably accommodates three adults, ensuring ample room for everyone on board.

    3. Safety and Performance

Experience strong and versatile performance, thanks to the more-than-adequate power under the hood. Elevating its features, the Harrier now boasts seven airbags and a host of modern amenities, adding an extra layer of safety to your driving experience.


  1. The manual gearbox could benefit from a smoother shifting mechanism, as it is currently described as notchy.
  2. The Harrier’s ride quality at low speeds may feel somewhat stiff, suggesting room for improvement in terms of comfort.


PowertrainARAI Mileage
Diesel- Manual(1956 cc)16.6 km/l
Diesel- Automatic (TC)(1956 cc)14.6 km/l

Mahindra XUV 700

The Mahindra XUV700 stands tall as a symbol of automotive excellence, blending style, performance, and innovation. Whether you’re drawn to its striking exterior, powerful performance, or unique features, the XUV700 offers a compelling package for those seeking a sophisticated and capable SUV. To take care of everyone, the price of the base model starts at Rs. 14.03 lakh and goes up to 26.57 lakh along with 30 variants in 5 different colors.

Striking Road Presence

The XUV700 commands attention with its sheer size, boasting a powerful and visually appealing stance on the road.

·  Spacious and Airy Cabin

Enjoy a roomy and airy interior that surpasses competitors like the Alcazar and rivals the spaciousness of the Safari.

· Powerful and Balanced Performance

Effortlessly navigate the road with capable powertrains that effectively handle the XUV700’s substantial size, and experience impressive driving dynamics, showcasing a well-balanced blend of ride comfort and handling.


·  Loud Diesel- There is some drivetrain lash when using the throttle.

·  Firm ride quality– It is only at slow speeds that the ride can get bothersome.

·  Seat Access– Getting in and out of the last row can be challenging, and the absence of a sliding second row makes this even more difficult.


Powertrain Reported Mileage UserExpert Reported Mileage
Petrol- Manual(1997 cc)17km/l9.53 km/l
Diesel- Manual( 2184 cc)13.56 km/l
Petrol- Automatic (TC)(1997 cc)13 km/l8.5 km/l
Diesel- Automatic (TC)(2184 cc)14.83 km/l11.8 km/l


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