Toyota Hyryder – Prices, Colour, Features, and Review

Toyota became a household name in India by focusing on quality and innovation. They made sure each car was built with care while using the best available methods and materials. The combination of engineering excellence, high-quality materials, regular support, and positive customer experiences, all together contribute to Toyota’s well-earned status as a leader in automotive reliability. Whether you want to subscribe to a car or someone looking for a dependable vehicle, Toyota’s commitment to quality makes it a standout choice in an ever-competitive market.

Price- Where style meets luxury

Introducing the Toyota Hyryder, a luxury automotive experience offering 13 distinctive variants. From the base model, E Neo Drive, to the top-of-the-line V HYBRID, the Urban Cruiser Hyryder combines elegance with performance. With prices starting at Rs. 10.86 Lakh and reaching Rs. 19.99 Lakh, Toyota redefines luxury, accessibility, and choice.

Colour options

Toyota Hyryder offers a vibrant spectrum of personalization with 11 stunning color options, divided into two categories: monotone and dual-tone. Elevate your style by choosing the perfect hue that resonates with your personality from café white to speedy blue. Toyota Hyryder ensures that your vehicle reflects not just performance but also your unique taste and style.

Models – For everyone’s access

Toyota offers a wide range of models of Urban Cruise Hyryder, keeping the diversity of our population in concern, also which can fit into everyone’s pocket. They provide a variety of options to choose from petrol versions to automatic ones having models for each variant.

Model NamePrice
Hyryder S1462 cc, Manual, PetrolRs.12.61 Lakh
Hyryder S CNG1462 cc, Manual, CNGRs.13.56 Lakh
Hyryder S AT1462 cc, Automatic, PetrolRs.13.81 Lakh
Hyryder G1462 cc, Manual, PetrolRs.14.49 Lakh
Hyryder G AT1462 cc, Automatic, PetrolRs.15.69 Lakh
Hyryder V1462 cc, Manual, PetrolRs.16.04 Lakh
Hyryder S HYBRID1490 cc, Automatic, PetrolRs.16.46 Lakh
Hyryder V AT1462 cc, Automatic, PetrolRs.17.24 Lakh
Hyryder V AWD1462 cc, Manual, PetrolRs.17.34 Lakh
Hyryder V HYBRID1490 cc, Automatic, PetrolRs.19.99 Lakh 
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Features- Making the experience special

Engine – Unleash the dynamic force of the Toyota HyRyder with its robust engine ranging from 1462 cc to 1490 cc. Power meets efficiency, propelling you into a thrilling driving experience.

Power – Experience the dynamic prowess of Toyota Hyryder, boasting 86.63 – 101.64 bhp, delivering unmatched power, efficiency, and performance. Elevate your drive with precision engineering and unparalleled strength.

Mileage – The Toyota HyRyder boasts impressive fuel efficiency, offering a mileage range of 21.12 to 27.97 km/l. This eco-friendly hybrid car seamlessly combines performance and sustainability, ensuring a smooth and economical ride. Experience extended journeys with fewer fuel stops, making the HyRyder an ideal choice for those seeking both power and fuel savings.

Performance and Efficiency

The Toyota Urban Cruiser HyRyder offers versatility with a 1462 cc Petrol engine, delivering 101.64bhp@6000rpm and 136.8Nm@4400rpm torque. Its CNG variant boasts 86.63bhp@5500rpm power and 121.5Nm@4200rpm torque while having an SUV body model. Available in both Automatic and Manual transmissions, the HyRyder ensures a dynamic driving experience. Weighing 1245 Kg, it strikes a balance between performance and efficiency for a fulfilling ride.

Innovation is at the heart of Toyota. From fuel efficiency to advanced safety features, Toyota constantly pushes the boundaries of technology. Their commitment to using the latest technology and adapting to new brands not only keeps Toyota at the forefront of the automotive industry but also reinforces its reputation for reliability.

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