Car Rentals vs Car Subscription – What’s Best for You?

Ever confused between two tempting offers to choose between?

It is obvious when you have the best options to compare between like Car Rentals and Car Subscription. It can be difficult at times to choose the one and let go of the other one but not when you are making a wise decision after complete evaluation.

Let’s see what both the options have to offer to you at its best-


Car Rentals is a service offered by the company to give cars on rent for personal or professional use on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis according to your preferences.

Pros of renting a car

  • Duration– With the requirement for a short duration like a week or a month, renting a car would be a good option to go for.
  • Affordability– Instead of buying a brand-new car which can cost you a wholesome huge amount of money you can just rent a car at really pocket-friendly prices under your budget.
  • Hassle-free– Renting a car has become a hassle-free procedure with digital verification and minimal paperwork at great ease.

Depreciation cost- The cost of depreciation is not to be worried about while renting a car because there is no commitment to the asset, i.e., the car.

Cons of renting a car

  • No Customization- The customizing option for car rentals is not available. One of the cars from the options available in the renting zone will be provided as it is.
  • Expensive- Car rentals can seem to be an expensive option which may burn your pocket in case of an extension period of the rentals.


Car Subscription is a platter where you get a few services along with the car in which you can temporarily own a car for a few months. It also helps to improve the relationship between the company and customers therefore leading to a better high level of customer trust and brand integrity.


  • Duration- A car subscription comes with an option of having a car for several months, like for example, 3 months to 12 months, and this period can be extended further as per your requirements and utility.
  • Pricing- Subscriptions are more beneficial than rentals as they come with whole a whole package of maintenance, insurance, and roadside safety assistance. It is a service offer where you can access a lot of features under one fixed cost with no extra charges implied. We can quote, “You pay what you see”.
  • Full Assistance- With the subscription package facility you can access 24*7 roadside assistance with just a call to solve any untoward circumstances.
  • Customization- You can access the customization feature under the umbrella of subscription packages where from the color of the car to its internal features, all are customized.
  • Trending Car- You can own the most trending cars prevailing in the market without really buying one by purchasing a subscription. Also, you can change your car with some other model or brand at the time of renewal.
  • Minimal paperwork- Avoid the whole annoying procedure of physical paperwork with the digital one where you must verify your basic documents like Aadhar card, Income proof, and Driver’s license online.


  • Short Utility- If your utility for the car is for a shorter period, let’s say 3 months and you have subscribed for 12 months then renting could have been a better option.
  • No Ownership- You can not have the ownership rights of the subscribed car to make any kind of changes to the car, whether it is minimal like adding a stereo, changing seat covers, etc.

What is best for you?

After going through the above key points, you can wisely make your decision by asking yourself questions like, “What is my budget”, “For how long do I need a car?”, etc., and we are sure that you can get all your answers to the questions from the above-mentioned doubt clearing bullets.

We wish you a happy journey!